Website Builder For Musicians

Website Builder For Musicians
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Create a Band Website - Take A Step Towards Popularity

How is information transmitted in the modern world? Right, over the internet. Today it is the most popular way that brings people together and gives them what they want. That is why the Internet is the best tool to tell your story and penetrate the hearts of your audience. Billions of people will be able to find out about your group or your musical abilities, thanks to just one of your steps - creating a website. A best website builder for musicians is an indispensable tool for any artist. No matter how popular you are in your city. Your talent deserves to be known to millions of people. Do you want it, but still haven't started? Then hurry up, because growing popularity is a difficult way, which cannot be delayed.

What Do You Need to Create a Professional Musician Website?

At first glance, the task of creating a professional best musicians websites may seem complicated and difficult. Of course, an entire quality product is cannot be done in a couple of moments. In order for the site to turn out to be as magnificent as the music that the musicians create, you need to try hard. However, if you need to cope with the creation of music yourself, then creating an excellent website that will become the face of your brand or group can be complied with one of the musician website builders. Yes, there is a lot of assistants in this field. However, the quantity cannot always boast of its excellent quality. Because of it, we selected several top-rated assistants with which the task of creating a personal website will be solved several times easier and faster.

Incredible Bandzoogle Knows How to Emphasize Your Style

In order to find out all the features, you will have 30 days to understand how close and convenient this service is for your use. However, thousands of user reviews tell us that this is the service with which you will create your best site.

This platform has existed for more than 15 years, so just imagine how many musicians were able to achieve incredible success with its help. These guys have a real plan with which you and your group can reach a new level. The platform offers each client three ways, according to three packages for use.

  • Lite tariff. The price is $ 8.29/month. With it, users can get a minimal set of tools to promote their brand. This tariff is ideal for beginners who have not yet managed to find their audience. 

Available features for superior design:

  • Visual individual page layout;

  • Selection of personal topics;

  • Standard font set.

This platform allows you to create your own tour, enter data into a public calendar so that subscribers are always aware of where to look for their idols. The user can send up to 100 letters and notifications. Also in this tariff, a group can upload no more than 10 songs and 100 photos.

  • Standard tariff. The price is $ 12.46/month. This tariff supplements the previous one and allows users to upload up to 50 songs and up to 1000 photos to the website. The number of newsletters increased to 1000 people. Also, choosing this tariff, users will be able to organize the sale of their own merchandise, which fans love so much.

  • PRO tariff. The price is $ 16.63/month. Users are offered new opportunities for the visual design of their site. There are personalized fonts, thanks to which musicians can create beautiful covers for their albums. By the way, the number of songs and photos available for upload to the site has no limits. This tariff is aimed at an already established audience and the presence of fans. In this connection, there are enhanced opportunities for interaction between the group and the fans. There is also the ability to buy tickets directly through the site, place orders for albums that have already been released, and which are still under development.

The main disadvantage of the service is the need to purchase a domain name for a fee of $ 14.

Make Your Website in A Couple of Clicks with Wix

This is a universal builder with whom you can create a website of any orientation, including a delightful website for musicians. This platform is designed for entrepreneurs who are starting their journey, and therefore is perfect for musicians who are just starting their careers. Using this service to create a band website will be a simple task. The principle of the service is to create a personal website based on existing templates. Users who choose this service get a ready-made base for their creativity.

The main features that a novice musician gets with Wix are:

  • Ability to create your own unique “facade” of the site using ready-made templates;

  • Excellent functionality for communicating with fans;

  • Excellent SEO website optimization;

  • Convenient payment system (for the sale of merchandise or tickets).

The platform provides its services free of charge. However, a number of functions that will greatly simplify the work with the site, as well as make the site more visible and popular, must be paid. The number and cost of functions depend on the selected tariff plan.

The service provides a choice of four options:

  • The Combo is a great option to start. The cost is 13 dollars/month. Three gigabytes of cloud memory are available here, and a nice bonus is the lack of advertising banners everywhere.

  • The unlimited tariff is considered the best option for the active custom promotion of your site. The price is 17 dollars/month. Ten gigabytes of memory is available.

  • Pro is for advanced groups. It costs 22 dollars/month. Available memory capacity is 20 gigabytes.

  • VIP tariff is when your desire is always a priority. The package price is 39 dollars/month. There are 20 gigabytes of available memory and priority on all features and support services.

And as for the minuses. With free use, users are not provided with a personal domain name. Therefore, if you want to issue it, it will cost $5.

Music Glue -The Choice of a True Musician

This service is aimed directly at creative people who live in music and want to develop their talent in this direction. This is one of the best band website builders according to the thousands of reviews left among musicians who achieved their goal with Music Glue and continue to build their musical future.

The focus of this site tends to increase sales of the merchandise of the users, which was a product of the creativity of the group. Also, the services of this platform optimize the process of selling and distributing tickets for group concerts. Do you want your concert hall to be full and all the tickets sold out? Your dream will come true.

The user can choose two options for services that will help to develop own music brand:

  • Self-Service to create your own dream on your own. Payment for services is based on the total of the sale of the products. The service receives 10 percent of the goods purchased through your wonderful site. For this cost, musicians receive a number of tools not only for creating a good website design, but also progressive SEO assistants to promote their musical activity.

  • The premium for those who want to outsource their promotion. Payment occurs on the same principle, but the percentage of commission increased to 15 points. However, with this tariff, musicians no longer need to think about promoting their site, because professionals will do it.

The disadvantages of creating a free band website on this platform include the long delivery of goods, as well as periodic failures when indicating the destination of sending parcels.

Squarespace - All Aesthetics in One Place

As we know, the visual part is very important for the perception of information. And if a musician creates their own beautiful music, then with the help of Squarespace he/she has the opportunity to complement the product with excellent visual accompaniment. The strengths of this service include design features, first of all. The service also has a fairly convenient system for SEO. Creating a site using this service, musicians can rely on convenient navigation on their site, as well as on convenient interaction with their subscribers. The format of the site is closer to the blog, and therefore the functions are based on feedback from subscribers and on the convenience of editing the entered information in real-time.

Squarespace offers 4 tariff plans for its users:

  • Website for personal use. In this tariff plan, payment and merchandise sales functions are not available. The cost of such a plan is $12. The format of the created site is close to an informative blog (it’s convenient to introduce fans to the group’s biography and notify them of upcoming events).

  • Business package. It allows you to create not only an informative blog but also conducts sales of merchandise or concert tickets. The package price is $18 + an additional commission fee of 3 percent of the sale.

  • Base rate. Exempts from the payment of sales fee. The cost of monthly use is $26.

  • Improved package. The cost of services is $40. No commission for sales, and no restrictions on the tools to create a successful brand website with high sales.

The main disadvantage of the site is a limited number of templates, despite their splendor. As well as the lack of a well-designed shopping cart for goods.

BandVista - Play Like You Never Did Before

Perhaps, this is one of the easiest to use service, thanks to which you can make an excellent website in order to announce your group loudly and successfully. Service is considered one of the most affordable and enjoyable with its pricing policy. There are three tariffs that keep your money:

  • The silver package is the first and most affordable tariff. Its cost is 9.95 dollars per month. With it, the user gets the opportunity to upload to the site up to 50 musical creations and 500 photos from concerts or photoshoots. Fill your gallery with a simple drag-and-drop action. In this package, the mailing is available for up to 1000 users and 5 free mail accounts from which you can do it.

  • Gold package is a universal tariff that allows you to place up to 100 tracks on the site. The number of photos posted on the site has been increased to 500 units. The tariff plan also includes 10 personal accounts. The cost of such a package is 10.85 dollars per month.

  • Platinum package. Using this tariff allows musicians to send more than 25,000 personal letters to their fans. The number of available accounts has been increased to 50, which makes it convenient to distribute mailboxes among all members of the group and people who are working on the development of the group brand. Upload up to 1000 songs and 5000 photos and delight your audience for just 15.85 dollars a month.

The disadvantages of the service include a limited number of themes for the design of the site.

Why Is Music Website Builder So Important for The Successful Development of Every Musician?

The fact is that until you tell about yourself and your talent, no one will know about it. The music website builder helps you tell the world about your skills. Create your own website, which will not only become your biography but also help you move up the career ladder. Perform full customization of the site using one of the best website builders for musicians and you will see how quickly your rating will change not only among local users. After all, with the right site, you can see statistics of how many users from all over the world are interested in your work.

The Basic Pages That Should Be On Every Website for Musicians

Like any other site, your site must follow a certain structure. You should note that there is no single correct structure because each site is unique. However, the availability of these pages greatly facilitates the search for the necessary information, and also makes the fans stay on the site and enjoy it.

  • Start page. This page is the face of your site, it can also be compared with the cover of a music album. A good option would be to focus on this particular page, personalize it and fill it with your own style so that the user remembers your site and cannot mix it up with anyone else.

  • “About us” page. This page is almost a talisman for your fans. Therefore, if you do not want them to come up with their own information about you, just give them what they want to know.

  • Page with songs. Of course, how to make a music site without a page with songs? Provide a player that the user has the ability to listen to your songs.

  • Page with upcoming events. Planning a tour? It’s important not to forget to invite your fans! And this page will be a great place for this kind of information.

Already Created an Excellent Website? What to Do Next?

Making a beautiful and functional picture is not enough for success to “fall” on your head.  And exactly for this, good website builders for musicians are needed. They will not only help in creating the site but will also be useful in the promotion.

  • Pay attention to the tools that will help promote your site in the future. This can be access to the organization of various promotions, various contests that will draw attention to your art.

  • Well-established work will help put you among the first lines when searching the Internet. And as we already know, the Internet is a universal path to success.

  • For the growth of popularity, it is important to organize the content that will be displayed on your site. Try to keep in touch with your fans and keep track of current global movements. By participating in wide flash mobs or promotions, you get the opportunity to attract like-minded people to your work.

Also, an integral tool for communicating and popularizing your creativity is social networks. Tell your subscribers that they can find more information about you online on the website, and you will see how the number of visits increases!

Summing Up

So, in order to succeed, you need not only talent but also the desire to achieve your goals. Today you learned how to make a band website, as well as all the necessary nuances that are associated with this. Choose only reliable assistants who will provide you with proper protection and reliable software for further work and promotion of your music brand.

Believe in your strength and use all the benefits and features that are available to you. People should find out about your work!

Do You Still Have Questions? Check Here for Your Answer!

1) Why is it better to use a specialized assistant for musicians?

The fact is that such platforms are designed specifically for musician people. The tools that the platform provides will help make the music site much better because it was designed specifically for these purposes.

2) I can not choose the perfect builder. What should it be like??

Perhaps there is no universal answer to this question because each person is guided by different concepts. The main thing that we can recommend is to pay attention to the quality of service, as well as the efficiency of the support center. Also, do not make hasty actions. The best website builders are confident in their quality, and therefore provide an opportunity to get acquainted with their services before you make the final choice.


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