Website Builder For Kids

Website Builder For Kids
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Website Builder for Kids  - How to Choose and Create a Site With/For Your Children

There is a scientific opinion according to which modern children are the kids of technology. They are already born with certain skills and knowledge that no generation before them had. They do not need to explain how to use the touch screen. They create profiles on Instagram and Facebook before they go to school, and generally master the world through technology, online and the information space.

And if earlier the idea of creating a website for your kid would have sounded at least strange, today it is a variant of the norm. Of course, it would be difficult for the child to cope without the help of parents, so we have prepared this article with the most necessary information on how to create a children's website, what software solutions can be used for this, and what points need special attention.

5 Main Software Solutions to Choose from for Web Development for Kids

The first thing that comes to mind when there is a need to create any site is the ability to contact professional developers. And this option has its advantages. This is the best approach when it is necessary to create a strong business site that will stand out from the competition, have a great design and usability, and be well indexed by search engines. These are all pressing issues that determine the profitability of a business, but with a children's website, everything is somewhat different.

Yes, of course, there are also subtleties and difficulties here. However, in order to make a web site for kids, it is possible to go the simpler way, and still get a pretty good result. To do this, you as a parent do not need to pay a lot of money to the developers, especially since the child may just get tired of this idea after a while. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to create a website with your kid yourself, using affordable software for a reasonable price, or even completely for free. Below we have collected five of the most suitable options.


Wix is ​​very simple and very popular. And the pricing for using both the basic and advanced tariff plan is also quite adequate. The most important advantage of this platform for creating a children's website is a huge number of different templates. There are purely childish topics that have already been developed taking into account children's psychology, children's perception, and design, which most clearly reflect the characteristics of this target group. But in addition to these templates, you can also choose and customize any other - everything will depend on what main topics will be traced on your child’s website.


  • The platform is very simple and intuitive. Your kid will be able to cope even on his own if he has basic computer skills.

  • It is absolutely not necessary to use paid add-ons for a children's site. To solve this profile, everything will work perfectly even in the basic configuration.

  • The site design is optimized for mobile and will look great on any device.

  • It is possible to add a personal blog, integrate social media buttons, and add video clips to pages.


  • Google doesn’t really like sites created with the help of designers, so they are poorly optimized in search engines. 

However, it is very possible that this is not even the most important requirement for a children's website. After all, your task is simply to please the kid and give him a working solution.


As for WordPress, there is two news at once. As usual, good and bad. The good news is that this platform allows you to create absolutely any sites without a single exception. Most sites that surf the web today are created using this particular technology. This means that there are no boundaries, and it all depends on your technical and financial capabilities.

But there is one more subtlety - it is almost impossible to start using WordPress without having at least the minimum technical skills and knowledge. This platform may be difficult to use. This is not a website maker for kids in its pure form. Therefore, when it comes to creating a site for a kid, there are two options. This technology is much more suitable for adolescents who already have basic technical skills, firstly, or if you yourself are a little versed in these subtleties, you can also help your younger child create a website. Below we look at the pros and cons of this solution.


  • The main advantage is that the system is free.

  • Open source allows you to modify the web resource. Of course, provided that you or your child can do this.

  • A large set of add-ons, extensions, templates, both commercial and free.

  • If difficulties arise and you do not know what to do with this admin panel, you can always google, almost all the information is in the public domain.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • No official tech support. You have to google or come up with a solution yourself.

  • Without a suitable plugin, you cannot even create a banal sitemap or edit robots.txt.

  • The system initially has powerful blogging functionality. However, if your children's website will have a blog, this is more likely an advantage. In addition, all functions are actually really adaptive to personal requests.

  • Due to the openness of the code, the system is vulnerable - a WordPress site is easier to hack than a closed source CMS site.

Kids Website Creator

This is a specialized best website builder for kids that is ideal to teach your kid how to create a personal website. In general, all the functions here are intended for childish use - there are no mega-complex options, but only everything you need. The price of the basic tariff plan is also very affordable and amounts to just over four dollars a month.

In addition, it is an ideal platform to create a website and begin to teach your children the basics of entrepreneurship on the Internet. This website creator for kids contains functionality for integrating promotional offers. Website builder for kids gives opportunity to make your own web site for kids.


  • Very simple functionality suitable for a child from five years old

  • The ability to monetize the site

  • Social Sharing Functions

  • The lowest possible price for the basic tariff package


  • A small amount of data storage

  • Ability to create just 15 pages

However, speaking about the kids' website builder, these opportunities will be more than enough. Therefore, it is rather more reasonable to talk not about shortcomings, but about simply built-in functionality, which in any case will cover the basic needs of the child.


This is a fairly powerful solution for a children's website, which has the necessary set of functions, and even more. If you compare it with the previous one, then there is more space for storage, as well as additional options such as connecting a blog, creating a forum, as well as photo albums. Basically, this is a more extended version of the previous kids' website builder, if you compare them. What is more, this is a free website builder for kids. 


  • 100 MB for information storage

  • Advanced features for interacting with site visitors

  • The basic kit is available for free.

  • And even the premium plan is not too expensive compared to competitors and is $100 per month.


According to user reviews, the finished templates look a bit outdated. However, it is unlikely that your kid needs a super fashionable solution to begin to develop their presence on the Internet. Plus, the possibilities of customization will make it possible to partially correct the situation.


Weebly is the direct competitor of top-rated Wix about which we already spoke. Here, everything is built on the same principles. This is a free service that offers you to create a website using ready-made templates, both stylistic and navigation. Navigation through the service itself is simple, intuitive. With this constructor, your child will be able to cope even on their own, or with your minimal help.

However, there are no ready-made children's templates here as Wix has. All available templates are divided into categories from business to personal. Therefore, most likely you will have to choose either personal or blog templates, depending on the goals and functionality of the children's site that you want to develop. Thus, Wix in this regard turned out to be more thoughtful for children, and for parents as well.


  • It is possible to get all the basic functionality for free.

  • Everything is built on the principle of drag and drop, and it will be easy for the child to master this approach.

  • Protecting site data with SSL, which is especially important when web resources fall into the hands of children

  • Responsive technical support and a large amount of reference information that is relevant at the current time.

  • Good SEO opportunities, even despite the fact that Google does not really like to raise such sites.


  • Limited in the possibility of backup, you have to take care of it yourself.

  • The platform does not provide ready-made children's templates.

Thus, this is a very good solution with significant advantages, however, be prepared for the fact that you have to customize existing topics, and most likely it will take a long time.

What Ideas to Realize on Your Website for Children

Your child’s site can have diverse designs and reveal almost any topic. Most likely, your child will tell you what he wants to see on his site. Children's minds are not yet clogged with stereotypes about what is supposedly allowed or forbidden, right or wrong, and this gives children the opportunity to think creatively and not ordinary. Anyway, here are some ideas you can implement.

  • Personal website or blog. If you already understand that your child can write correctly, beautifully and interestingly, then a personal blog is a great opportunity to help him develop this ability. Paper personal diaries hidden under a pillow is already a thing from the last century. Today's children are not shy about talking about their thoughts and feelings.

  • Children's travel site. This idea is good if you like traveling with the whole family and almost never sit in one place. A travel topic is popular today as such, and it is a good idea to share travel photos that your child can even realize on his own.

Hint! Create and connect an Instagram profile of your child to the site to better reach the target audience.

  • A site dedicated to your child’s hobby. If your child draws beautifully or crochets, why not show the results of his work? In addition, it is even very likely that your child will be able to start turning his hobby into work if you connect advertising and help him get his first orders.

Kid Web Design Pitfalls  - Tips and Tricks to Take into Account

Obviously, today's children are hundreds of times more progressive than the previous generation. Starting from 4 years old, they are overgrown with gadgets and sometimes at their age they understand them better than the adult generation.

In turn, each parent is required to participate in the development of the child. An excellent solution would be to make a children's site and run it together with your child. This will allow you to spend more time together and learn relevant skills in today's realities. Almost all site builder gives the opportunity to implement the project for free and independently, without IT skills.

How to Make a Website for a Child

In order to make an Internet resource for a child for free, you need to create an account on the platform that you consider the best for your goals, select one of the adaptive templates presented in a large assortment, go to the tool’s interface and start creating a children’s website. In case of difficulty, contact technical support. The company's specialists will help solve the most complex tasks and tell you how to translate into reality one or another idea.

What Is Worth Paying Attention to When Creating Children's Sites

  • First of all, the site should be simple and convenient. No need to try to come up with various complex transitions, drop-down windows with effects, and more. The main thing is simplicity and clarity.

  • Navigation should also be clear. There is no exact opinion on how children perceive the menu of the site, so many children's resources offer different ways of navigation. Younger children prefer, as a rule, small images, which show what is in this section.

  • Next, pay attention to the design. Light, soft, unobtrusive colors are ideal. Go to other children's sites - so you get the opportunity to spy something useful for free.

  • Content on children's sites should be simple and straightforward. This age group does not like hidden meanings, hints, adult jokes, irony or sarcasm.

  • This will be a plus if you create a separate page for parents, which they could view together with the child.

So, What Are Some Things to Avoid?

  • voluminous text blocks;

  • website design in dark colors;

  • substandard content.

The exception is separate pages for parents, which can be placed in a separate menu group under the site header. If you do everything right and use the templates of children's sites, then you can implement any useful project that is associated with children.

Also, think carefully about the safety of the children's site and talk about it with your child. Tell your child that it is dangerous to provide personal data and any other information about your life to random visitors to the site.


So, what is the solution to choose for this task? We examined five main ones and in general, we can say that each one may turn out to be the most suitable depending on what task you want to solve with the help of your site and the functionality that you will implement.

  • In our opinion, the most optimal software is DoodleKit since the creation of a childish site is just that case when extra features just do more harm than good.

  • Wix is ​​also not bad for this task, in particular, because it has ready-made children's templates, and you just have to adapt your favorite theme a bit to your needs.

  • WordPress is suitable for those who have at least basic development and programming skills, as well as for those who plan to turn a children's website into a full-blown project capable of withstanding heavy loads in the future.

  • Weebly is an analog of Wix. Choose it if your child’s website promotion strategy is SEO optimization, as this constructor provides the best opportunities for this task.

Regardless of which solution you choose, remember that in order to create children's sites, you need to try to think like a kid. Approach this process a little creatively. Use less text and more colorful pictures and cartoon characters.

Trying to create something extraordinary and complex makes no sense. The site should be intuitive so that any kid, regardless of age, visits it and understands how everything works here.

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