Wix Review: Pros & Cons of Using Wix For Websites

Average Rating: 4.9 / 5

Number of Reviews: 32


The scope of Wixsite characterized by three factors:

  • Sites with a small number of pages, since the design of each need to be formed manually. Blogs, forums, storefronts and other dynamically expanding types of pages do not complicate the work on the website. The volume of only static pages like contacts, benefits, terms of use, company histories, production, and other things affect.
  • The need for deep and fine tuning of the design, as well as the input of a large number of small functional elements.
  • The Wix apps store contains a crucial range of additional functionality. Several categories of useful applications (total more than 300 items) will help to achieve practically any reasonable goal.

Wix is Ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality. That website creator can be simple, superficial if needed. Just take a ready-made template, replace demo content, correct colors, and got a website. With the same success, Wix can be used to build arbitrarily complex pages with a bunch of details: animations, effects, forms for collecting and packaging information in databases, interactive elements, pop-up windows of authorizations at different stages of access to information, all sorts of polls, tabs, columns and all. Wix can be used both for creating the first site or training ground and as a commercial tool - developing complex and beautiful client sites. This is a good first designer and a good tool to help an experienced designer. The system is built in such a way that allows you to easily increase design capabilities, and even create your own, which is not in stock delivery. Wix review shows that it is available for use by the average PC user.

Who is Wix for?

  • small and medium business entrepreneurs;
  • artists, designers, makeup artists, musicians, stylists;
  • writers, journalists, bloggers, fashion designers;
  • all whose activities are related to creativity and self-realization.

The Wix is capable of inspiring with its appearance, helping to implement cunning ideas from a technical and/or design point of view. That is a saturated web page builder with extensive additional features for scaling the functionality in breadth and depth.

Is Wix Free?

Wix can be used for free indefinitely for those who are satisfied with the site on a subdomain of the type like this: sitename.wixsite.com. Most of the constructor functions will be available. You can connect your domain and get richer functionality after paying for one of the following Wix tariff plans.

How Much Does Wix Cost

Wix cost is pretty affordable. Wix pricing is represented with following plans:

  • Connect Domain (from $4/month) - allows you to connect your domain and gives 500 MB of storage, but does not remove Wix ads. Gives 1 GB of bandwidth;
  • Combo ($8/month) - 3 GB of disk space, free domain, ad removal, favicon. Gives 2 GB of bandwidth and $75 Ad Vouchers;
  • Unlimited ($12/month) - increased storage up to 10 GB, unlimited bandwidth, form Wix builder, Site Booster application, Visitor analytics app;
  • VIP ($16/month) – in addition to what is already in Unlimited, you also get access to Wix Logo Maker, VIP support, social logo media files and 20 GB of storage.

Wix also created special plans for Business and eCommerce:

  • Business Basic – accept online payments, 20GB of Storage, no Wix Ads, Google Analytics, Free Domain, $75 Ad Vouchers, Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics App;
  • Business Unlimited – in addition to Business Basic features you also get Wix Logo Maker, Social Media Logo files and 35 GB of storage;
  • Business VIP – 50 GB of storage, VIP Support, and Priority Response on Wix answer page.

Important: when you pay, the Wix system will additionally charge VAT. Wix Pros and Cons Wix has a lot of advantages for which it can be reasonably praised:

  • best built-in templates on the market;
  • the convenient interface of the administrative panel;
  • a huge set of widgets and general settings;
  • built-in Wix AppMarket, capable of expanding the already decent functionality;
  • good opportunities for SEO optimization;
  • relative universality of the platform;
  • advanced Wix logo designer;
  • the ability to work separately on desktop and mobile templates;
  • good technical support, availability of tips and high-quality FAQs;
  • powerful opportunities for customization of the structure and design of the site;
  • frequent updates of templates and functionality.

Of course, it was not without flaws, most of which are related to the basic pricing policy and weird fragmentation of opportunities in the tariff plans:

  • bandwidth limit on 2 out of 7 tariffs;
  • useless tariff "Connect Domain";
  • too rich with options editor, beginners will have to get used to;
  • a noticeable amount of raw and useless apps in Wix AppMarket.

Wix Rating Overview

Criterion Comments
Ease of use Working in the builder is simple. Everything is done very easy to understand. Brief video tutorials allow you to quickly understand the basic functions. For beginners, there is a Wix ADI tool. That tool allows a beginner to quickly and easily create a website. This is a less flexible way, but you can always go to the standard editor with all features.
Advertisement The free version and the Connect Domain plan show visible Wix ads. If you want to get rid of ads, you have to switch to premium plans starting from Wix Combo.
Languages The web builder supports 16 languages. You can also create a multilingual website. To do this, you can use a separate tutorial. For large projects, we do not recommend creating a multilingual website based on Wix, because it restricts SEO as there is one URL for all languages.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) In premium plans, starting from Combo, you have a free domain name for one year. Directly through Wix, you can register a domain name in the zones: com, .net, .org, .co.uk and .info. You can also transfer a domain registered with another registrar to Wix.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality) A wide range of apps and widgets are available in the Wix App Market. There are convenient widgets for selling tickets, music, online sales in general. All of them are very easily integrated into the site.
Monetization Google AdSense can be integrated into your website on Wix platform, as well as affiliate links and banner ads.
E-Commerce To create an online store, you will need to purchase one of the Business & eCommerce plans. Through the Wix store, you can sell digital and physical goods, accepting payments.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In this direction, everything is fine. You can edit page titles, alternative tags and meta descriptions. Several plugins can be used for SEO, including SEO Wiz or Wix 301 redirects.
Blog You can not only create a blog but also rely on its good SEO-optimization. It has everything you need to keep a successful blog - categories, tags, RSS, comment platforms. Pending post functions and mobile app management are available to publish and edit your own articles on the go.
Visitor statistics Integrate Google Analytics in Wix to get detailed statistics reports.
Contact form The built-in tools have a simple contact form. You can make your own version using appl from the Wix App Market.
Add HTML code You can add your own code to the pages of the site using widgets and applications.
Storage space You get from 500 MB to 50 GB of disk space, depending on the tariff plan. Some membership plans have limitations on monthly bandwidth, which is very important if you want to create a large project.
Backups & Restore The Wix stores many versions of your site. With just one click you can restore any previous version.
Support You can use the phone, forum and Wix Support Center. All tutorials are as simple and clear as possible. If you do not understand something, send this issue to the forum, where you will quickly be helped. For complex issues, you can also count on e-mail assistance.


Wix Platform Speed & Security

Your website is hosted on Wix servers. A lot of javascript is used during the download. That is a certain way slows down the loading speed, but in general, it can be noted acceptable optimization of download speed. A few years ago, the speed was really slow, but today Wix customer reviews show that you can use the Wix-based site quite comfortably. Wix hosting can be compared with the services of other well-known hosting-providers. A big user benefit is that you don’t need to worry about the security and protection of your data. Developers take care of caching, CDNs, salts, and patches. All sites are based on the HTTPS protocol. You can also optionally enable an SSL certificate. We rate Wix security as high.

Wix Templates Review

Wix currently contains 600+ templates, sorted by categories: store, business, photography, video, music, design, restaurants, events, Wix portfolio, blog, beauty and health, fashion, art, and landing pages. Immediately after registration, you will be asked to choose a design for the site. You can filter the selection by new or popularity. By the way, once the selected template cannot be changed in the process. So, choose more or less thoughtful. Fullscreen preview is possible. Wix has the most interesting in the web builder niche set of ready-made templates. It is pleasant to view them; a variety of designs and structures is off the chart. Periodically, developers add new Wix themes to the library. Approximately 30-60 new samples come in a year. All of them can be used for free. Each template is adaptive. You can also choose a blank template and arrange each page of your site from scratch in the Wix editor. By the way, the impossibility of changing the template in the process is explained by the absolute positioning of the elements on the Wix sites. That gives freedom of action in creating the design, but it cuts radically the ability to export settings and content to a new template. That is, the rule of one template, let's call it so, is due to purely technical reasons. But that's what we get for the flexibility of design customization.

Wix Mobile version

Wix review shows that the mobile version of the template can be configured separately by switching to it in the header of the editor. Menu, image format, pinning of individual elements (contacts, Page Up button), background, hiding elements can be adjusted. You can also use automatic optimization in one click - the result is good. Changes in the mobile version of the site will not affect the desktop. When editing a large version, the center of the page will be highlighted with dotted lines - this is the area that will fall into the mobile template. You can navigate through it.

Design Editing

The editor allows you to unrecognizably change the stock design by adding new sections, widgets, images, and customizing their appearance. Everywhere you can add effects, animations, and if necessary, adjust the size, padding, layers, backgrounds, fonts, form elements, and more. The appearance of the site on Wix editor is more dependent on your design skills than on the selected template. Although you can publish your content with a minimum of changes in the appropriate theme of the template and get a ready site. WixArena is a community of designers that has evolved around the system during its existence. The developers organized Wix Expert on its base - the environment for ordering services for creating a website/template from scratch or redesign. You can see the portfolio of potential performers and order services. There is a reverse option: make a request by filling out a detailed questionnaire (a type of work, budget, deadline, region), after which the system based on this data will give a list of suitable web designers. The cost of hiring experts is different, and there are hundreds of them. WixArena is another way to get a unique professional Wix website design.

Apps & Plugins

Review shows that applications in Wix are essentially functional elements of the site. You are given a rather impressive number of apps of different functional orientations, such as text, galleries, menus, videos, buttons, lists, forms, social networks, a store, a blog, etc. That is the blocks with information that you can install on the site. Each block has several variations of design and structure and its own settings. All this you can place anywhere on the site and customize as you see fit. Besides, Wix has an App Market, which is filled by developers. These are additional applications that you can install on your website, most of them are available only on premium tariff plans.

Most popular Wix apps

Let's take a quick look at some of the most popular Wix apps. Wix Pro Gallery is a functional and free solution. Unlike the basic implementation, here you can: manage photo quality, upload videos, allow downloading of elements, protect content, upload thousands of pictures, like and share them on social networks. Wix Video. Create a full-fledged movie portal using this app by adding video from a computer or popular services. There is also an automatic download from the YouTube playlist. Contact Collection - if you need to collect a subscriber database on your site, then there is a setting for form design, setting a page with gratitude and personalized messages to users. The use of Wix apps extends the stock functionality of the platform several times. It contains a huge number of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing. You can add an interactive calendar, for example, email marketing tools, surveys, Dropbox, eCommerce gadgets, SEO tools and other useful tools to help standard designer functionality. All applications are sorted by category. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, the rest, as a rule, are the integration of the capabilities of third-party services. Approximately half of the Wix applications are completely free, and the rest have both a free use option and a paid one with additional features.

Customer Support

Wix provides excellent support, although things could be better in a number of points. The main support tool is the online Wix Help Center. There you can search for answers and browse the available menu categories. Support is a very important part of the review. So, we decided to test it. Answers to common questions are given in an accessible and convenient format. For example, a guide to adding and modifying an image gallery contains 6 simple and straightforward steps. In some cases, by the way, you will find even video tutorials. Wix review shows that you can always rely on their support. If you need additional help, then you will find two options:

  • First: send a ticket, and a Wix support representative will answer you shortly. And here, by the way, the service would not hurt to indicate the approximate waiting time for a response. So, we decided to make some testing. We contacted tech support through the inquiry system and received a response after approximately 45 minutes. We note that the answer to our questions was complete and as detailed as possible;
  • Second, ask to call back you and talk to the Wix technical support representative by phone. True, this option is available only from 5 am to 5 pm Pacific time. They call back here within 5 minutes. If you speak English, Spanish or Portuguese, then there will be no problems - technical support of the service speaks well on those languages. However, this is especially important during rush hours, sometimes all technical support staff may be busy.

Faced with a serious problem, you probably want to call Wix technical support right away. Unfortunately, you can only wait and hope that you will be called back from technical support quickly. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay for a phone call, nor do you have to wait while listening to music.

What are the weaknesses of Wix support

These are good options, but using them is not so easy. There are no direct links anywhere! No links to send a call, no links to the request to call back. Information about this had to be found in the Help Center, and even there it was not found immediately. If you open a specific topic in the help center, you can find a link for technical support, if you pay attention to the title “Did this help? If not, click ‘No’ to contact support.” Click on No, then a pop-up window appears with a link to the section “Contact Us.” But it's too early to rejoice because by clicking on this link, the special page will open. Here you will need to once again answer questions about the problem that has arisen with Wix, only then you will have access to the most up-to-date documentation and a link that will really allow you to contact technical support. Review shows that another disadvantage of Wix is the lack of support via online chat. Given the level of reference documentation and the popularity of the Wix website creator, the lack of online chat is really disappointing. The Wix needs to rework its approach to providing technical support to make it easier for novice users to use it. A simple link to direct technical support in a prominent place would be a big step forward. Of course, great that you can call for free. Nobody argues that the service reference materials are very useful. It is impossible to deny that the system of calls to technical support works as it should. But just as indisputable is the fact that, on the whole, Wix is inferior in terms of technical support to services such as Weebly, Site123, and GoDaddy, precisely because of the lack of online chat. There is nothing better than chatting with a tech support employee in real time when you can quickly discuss and solve almost any problem.

Who Is Best to Create with Wix?

The Wix web builder is suitable for anyone who needs a business card site on any subject, portfolio, landing or promotion page, blog or store for selling digital goods, some craft items, brand clothes, wrist watches and other things like that. We recommend paying attention to the owners of the rental business, restaurants, cafes, concert venues (ticket booking) and all those whose activities are related to receiving clients on a schedule (hairdressers, makeup artists, dentists, coaching, yoga, dance, tutoring). This tool is also suitable for blogging. Here you can find the original design and set up a convenient publication of posts and a platform for communicating with subscribers.

Wix Promo Codes & Coupons

When buying tariff plans on the payment page there are no fields for placing promotional codes or coupon numbers. But you can find affiliate sites that place links. When you click on that you can get a certain Wix discount up to 40-50%. If you are creating a store of goods or selling services, then you can also use special widgets to add the function of discounts in the form of promotional codes and Wix coupons. This is a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty and increase sales.


Review shows that Wix is the best and most promising website builder in the niche of solutions with a visual editor. From technical and design points of view. Its developers have set themselves and solved several complex tasks:

  • Made an interface in which it is convenient to work, despite the million functions.
  • Gone beyond the limitations of the WYSIWYG editor by implementing the Wix Code.
  • Introduced AI Wix ADI, which after a while will build us sites that almost do not require edits.

Made the application store an integral part of the interface and functionality that you want to use. Wix website maker is a multipurpose machine for creating various sites. Thanks to high-quality applications and a flexible editor, the functional framework is very broad, and given the potential of the Wix Code, they almost disappear. Using HTML and JavaScript is possible, but completely optional. A modestly simple, bright web builder, with a bunch of useful, and in some places even niche opportunities. In direct comparison with competitors, it is very difficult to find analogs in terms of functionality. The Wix is great for the role of the first site builder. Even if you have not yet decided to create a site, we recommend that you occasionally get acquainted with Wix first of all. It will meet expectations.

  1. Free: 9

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 38.99

    Shopify is the best ecommerce platform on the market today. It’s designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features, and tons of apps.
  2. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 5

    Unlimited: 5

    VIP: 10.99

    Create a professional, free website in minutes. Get leads, sell products, and grow your business online
  3. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 6

    Unlimited: 5

    VIP: 39.90

    Web.com offers you a step-by-step process for selecting your website’s design in which you specify your business field and make design choices from three possible options in every one of those steps. Based on your choices, Web.com creates a site, which you can then further customize from within the site editor.
  4. Free: 5

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 10.99

    Creating a website should be easy and fun — this is our philosophy here at uKit. Let your imagination run wild or use predefined options.
  5. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 4

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 22.90

    Web Hosting Hub aims to provide affordable shared hosting to small businesses. Their 200+ U.S. based team services over 40,000 customers, providing a simple platform to help you start, run and grow a new website.
  6. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 19.90

    IM Creator is more suited to users with plenty of web design experience. It even offers a whitelabel plan known as IM XPRS, allowing professional web designers to build client websites through the platform.
  7. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 29.99

    Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a professional website – without having to know a line of code! With hundreds of templates and great tools Wix lets you build and sell through your site.
  8. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 7

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 12.99

    Join more than 180,000 entrepreneurs who’ve trusted Volusion ecommerce software to create successful online stores.
  9. Free: 5

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 7

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 17.90

    Weebly is the best website builder for small business sites. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to use, while its large range of features and apps means your site will be able to pack a punch.

Wix Example Sites

Wix Reviews

John, 35

Wix website builder is good for its flexibility in website design and affordable price. The builder gives you a wide range of possibilities of design, all sorts of effects, chips, animations... From the pros, I repeat: complete freedom in design, pleasant prices (and New Year's promotions are generally beautiful), your own SEO-master, for those who do not have a hard time, this is a godsend, normal clear tips give you the opportunity to make the site even for the unschooled users. After moving to WIX, the conversion became higher (more precisely due to the possibilities WIX) - and this is the most important thing! Yes, and prepaid premium yearly account for half the price warms my soul))

Mandy, 25

If you need a spectacular site, then WIX is your choice! Convenient in terms of filling the site. A lot of graphics features, a lot of beautiful Wix templates on any topic. Convenient SEO settings and more. It’s quite fit for my purposes.

Max, 40

Easy to use, good technical support, a lot of supporting materials and instructions, the ability to pay monthly or for a year, promotions are constantly held at discounts, many useful applications, new developments and improvements are often added - it pleases well. The site always remains modern and offers new features))

Carla, 22

I am engaged in eyelash extension and gel nails. I never thought about the site, I had enough of social media. But still decided to launch my own site. I will not say that it was easy, but in 3 days I still collected a website for myself. Services, prices, gallery, and all the staffs. For my case, this is enough. I chose Wix after reading reviews and watching examples of similar sites.

Wix Competitors


How to change Wix template

In order to immediately start creating the site, select the section "my sites". A small window opens where we click "create a new site." In each category, there are several options for templates. Choose the one that most reflects the essence of our site. After selecting the appropriate template, click "edit" to make further changes and get the perfect design for the site.

How to unpublish Wix site

If you decide to unpublish your site, visitors will no longer have access to it. To do this, you complete the following steps:

  • Click to access your Site Manager;
  • Click Unpublish in the Publish Status section;
  • Click Unpublish to confirm.

How to edit the Wix website

  • Open your site's dashboard;
  • Click Manage Site;
  • Click Edit Site.

Is Wix a good website builder for SEO

Wix has a separate application in the control panel, which will help you set up SEO parameters, prepare the site for effective interaction with different search engines and other search algorithms. Wix SEO Wiz is a step by step wizard of search engine optimization. All the tools that are important for this process are collected in one place, conveniently submitted and explained.

How to add google analytics to Wix websites

To use Google analytics, you need to switch to a premium plan and connect your domain. Step 1. Get a Google Analytics tracking code:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin at the top of the page.
  3. Click Tracking Code in the Resource section.
  4. Click the tracking code in the drop-down menu.
  5. Copy the code in the Tracking ID field.

Step 2. Add Google analytics code:

  1. Go to the Integration tab.
  2. Select Google Analytics and click Next.
  3. In the upper right corner, click Connect Google Analytics.
  4. Enter your Google Analytics tracking code.
  1. Note: Make sure there is no space before the code.
  1. Check the box Anonymity of IP addresses so that Google does not save the IP addresses of visitors to your site.
  2. Click Save.

How to get Wix premium for free

WIX does not make it possible to use premium tariff plans in a free mode. But all users can use the trial period to assess the quality of services. If you decide to refuse to use the site, then you will be refunded. Thus, you can take advantage of premium plans for free.

How to change domain name on Wix

First, you need to add your domain to your account. You can do that in three ways:

  • Purchasing a domain from Wix
  • Connecting a domain to Wix
  • Transferring a domain to Wix

Then do the following steps:

  1. Click the relevant domain.
  2. Click ‘Change’ to Assigned to Site.
  3. Click “Assign’ next to your Premium site.
  4. Click the second option (Connect domain2.com and disconnect domain1.com).
  5. Click Continue.

How often does Wix have sales/discounts?

The company conducts discount campaigns during holiday sales. So, stay tuned for holidays in the calendar and get ready to buy a premium plan at a discount. Wix also provides discounts when paying an annual subscription, which is not in the monthly payment. Pay immediately for the year and get a discount of up to 50%.

Making Money with Wix

To earn on Wix, you can connect to the affiliate program. The company pays $100 for each user who buys a premium subscription. You can also directly make money on the site that you create with the help of the web builder. Earn by selling your services, products, and place paid advertising.

What is Wix Code

For experienced users, Wix Code can be a link between them and customers with complex technical tasks. It is no secret that it is more convenient and cheaper to sell a website to a client based on a web builder than on a CMS or something else. Now Wix allows JavaScript experts to embed individual functionality on the sites. The web-builder has become much more promising for the advanced audience and their clients.

What you can do by using Wix Code:

  • Using databases as a source of content for individual sections and widgets of the site;
  • Adding interactive elements through the properties panel (also included in the developer mode) by defining their behavior under various interaction conditions (mouseover, normal and double-click when the screen appears in the visible area);
  • Use dynamic pages to display content. The page layout will be the same all the time, but the content will change depending on changes in its source - the connected database;
  • Creating forms for sorting and collecting through them in the database of user information.

Is Wix really a mobile-friendly

Wix has a mobile iOS/Android app that allows you to conduct a live chat with website clients (to do this, activate the Wix Chat app in the control panel), add photos, products or post content to your blog. It is possible to optimize images for display in the mobile version of the site. You need to go to the mobile template editor, select the desired image and sprinkle, increase/decrease the source code and leave in sight the part you need. Thanks to the grid, you can always see the area that appears in the mobile version of the site.

Free: 7

Connect Domain: 10

Combo: 9

Unlimited: 10

VIP: 29.99

Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a professional website – without having to know a line of code! With hundreds of templates and great tools Wix lets you build and sell through your site.