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What is Weebly website builder? - Weebly is the designer from the American developers, created in 2007. To create websites by means of Weebly website maker, different widgets are used, thanks to which the process of building a page in the visual editor is performed with a few clicks. Weebly navigation is simple and is good because it offers a large number of functions and features for editing, but does not strain the complex administrative panel.


The main tools needed to create a site are hidden in 5 sections located on the top panel:

  1. Create - work with the structure of the page, adding widgets, text, multimedia. The main tab for the construction site;
  2. Pages - work with site structure. Add / delete pages, change the name, enter SEO parameters;
  3. Theme - customize the appearance of the site;
  4. Shop - all necessary functions for building and launching an online store.
  5. Parameters - general site settings: name, address, SEO, blog settings, application center.

Weebly editor works using technology Drag-and-drop, the changes are displayed in real time, at any time you can use the preview function. It will take several hours to create an attractive website, if you are greatly puzzled by the change in the structure of the template and the individualization of the appearance - a couple of days. The developers have significantly expanded the functionality of the Weebly platform for creating an online store: the parameters of the appearance of the storefront, detailed positions for filling in commodity cards, automatic calculation of tax calculation. A Promote marketing Weebly tool has been introduced, using which you can automatically send informational messages to registered users, and, based on the results, view and analyze detailed statistics. In the course of working on a Weebly project, you can see at any time how your site will look on mobile devices (there is a separate button in the menu for this). All Weebly templates are adapted for the correct display on any size monitors, tablets, smartphones. The ability to edit HTML / CSS advanced users will allow to realize many of their ideas and fantasies and will provide the easiest way of How to use weebly.

Weebly is very easy to use!

The use of Weebly is happening without any failures, thanks to the quick start guide. In fact, this is the same designer, but a little modernized. How does weebly work? The toolbar provides quick and easy Weebly for education and access to the necessary information. Get useful tips, view statistics, store orders, blog comments, Weebly offers and more. To create a website, simply select a topic and start filling in content. You can edit the content and change its location by dragging items directly to a web page without using a separate editor. There are many ready-made widgets and applications that you can integrate with just a few clicks: image galleries, slideshows, maps, audio, a search box, and more. You can also go beyond ordinary widgets using the Insert Code feature. You can add as many elements to the page as you see fit. The page will automatically stretch to fit the widgets and content you drag. Weebly constructor uses a “block model”, which means all the content, while dragging it onto the page, will fall into certain containers or blocks. This approach simplifies the transfer of existing content from one template to another in the future. When adding a new page, you can use one of the ready-made page layouts as an alternative to a blank page. There are more than 30 different design layouts, including the homepage, contacts, about us, creative menus for catering companies and restaurants and for the provision of services. When you select a layout, it will automatically add new elements to the new page. You can then edit, delete or add new elements to the selected layout. While Weebly is located on a free subdomain, you can use the system for free. All sites located at a free Weebly ratings have advertisements in the footer (footer) - "Create a free site." It is noteworthy that this ad looks tiny and beautiful compared to what other designers offer (in particular, Wix). You can create up to 10 sites within one free account.

Weebly Pricing

There is a free version and four paid plans from $ 8 to $ 38 per month. Weebly does not insert third-party advertising. With a free plan, only a tiny footer link is displayed.

  • Free rate: You can use it to see how the constructor works, but you should not pin high hopes on it. You can create a good website using a free account, but note that it will be placed on a subdomain, and the Weebly link will be displayed in the footer. When using the free plan, you will not be able to create an online store either;
  • Initial ($ 8 / month): This is the cheapest plan according to Weebly price with no ads. When you switch to this plan, you can connect your own Weebly domain, set up a footer, upload your favicon, and also sell up to 10 products;
  • Pro ($ 12 / month): this plan opens functions such as protecting the page with a password, searching the site and registering up to 100 participants. When choosing a Pro plan, you will be able to sell up to 25 products, while transaction fees will remain unchanged;
  • Corporate ($ 25 / month): this plan removes a transaction fee, allows you to sell an unlimited number of physical and digital goods, and create coupons, including discounts in dollars and interest, in addition to other e-commerce options. Also, this plan allows you to register an unlimited number of participants;
  • Performance ($ 38 / month): This is a full-featured plan that allows you to track delivery in real time, create gift cards and send up to 5 email lists per month. This plan also allows unlimited registration of participants.

Is Weebly free? - Users can use the free Weebly subdomain weebly.com specified during registration, for example, kaprizulya.weebly.com. If desired, you can change it at any time. At paid rates, you can register a new Weebly domain in the domain zones .org, .net, .com from the constructor window. Although this is not necessary, since after purchasing any package, the domain name for a period of one year is provided free of charge. Moreover, the prices for Weebly domain registration service are pretty overstated ($ 40). You can also connect your own domain to the site.

Pros and Cons of Weebly

Weebly tries to justify the cost of tariffs by its functionality. Among the advantages of Weebly website constructor are:

  • Attractive templates for personal website, blog or store;
  • The ability to add your own design as a code, insert HTML-code into the body of the page;
  • Weebly constructor is sharpened for the creation of online stores with an integrated basket, secure payment, built-in filters and other useful things;
  • Weebly offers to manage the business from a mobile-responsive device through a special application that can be downloaded for free on the AppStore or Google Play.


  • Limited selection of themes for the site;
  • Commission from transactions at lower rates;
  • Bad interface localization is striking.

Weebly Features

Thanks to the flexibility of the designer Weebly, you can create various sites from portfolios to online stores.

  1. Shop online. The designer has its own e-commerce engine, which is filled with various business functions: product management, product search filter, delivery options, digital and physical goods, coupon designer, as well as a mobile application for store management and gift cards. Updating the Weebly system has led to the introduction of new tools to more flexibly display the window of new features for customizing the delivery and availability of order statistics. It also became possible to send automatic reminders to customers who have added products to their shopping cart, but have not yet made a payment. Bonus cards and automatic tax calculation are also available in the system;
  2. Marketing. A new Promote tool for modern e-mail marketing has appeared. The tool automatically generates messages based on the activity of registered users. Distribution statistics can be tracked in the toolbar section;
  3. User registration. More than three years ago, in July 2014, the creators launched the Membership Beta, and at the beginning of November 2014 its final version was officially released. Since this time, Weebly has been one of the few designers who offer the user management feature. Until recently, only Webs, DoodleKit and uCoz supported this feature;
  4. Blogging. A blog can be easily installed and configured. The system allows you to plan posts, pre-select social networks in which you would like to share planned articles, choose between different comment systems, including Facebook and Disqus comments, you can also specify meta tags for individual posts, add headers and footers for each post and much more;
  5. Site optimization. Weebly designer offers a standard set of SEO tools. You can set unique URLs for pages, customize headings, descriptions and keywords. You can also hide a landing page from a search engine by simply clicking the hide button.

Weebly system allows you to collect and view information provided by visitors easily. Data is stored on the control panel and can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for later analysis. You can receive documents, images or other files from visitors. Weebly collaborates with IFTTT, an intelligent web service that allows you to connect various applications and products to easily create automated tasks and events. For example, you can connect the site and your Instagram account, which will allow you to add new posts when posting a photo to Instagram. You can use the already existing if-then function available in IFTTT, or create your own function. One more interesting Weebly offer from January 2017 is a new image editor. Now the editor works on HTML5 (compare: while its previous version was on Flash). Weebly editor includes features such as cropping, rotating and adjusting color, adding text to them and 29 filters to make images more attractive. The Weebly Application Center is a collection of functional applications and services that you can add with simple integration in a couple of mouse clicks (this is very similar to the Wix App Market).

Weebly App Center Objective

Assistance in creating attractive content and providing entertainment features to visitors. Let's look at some of the popular applications:

  1. PinPoll: is free Weebly membership application allows you to integrate interesting and attractive polls so that visitors can interact with your site and spend more time on it. The design of each survey can be completely changed using different colors and images. The app is responsive, so it will look and work fine on any device;
  2. LiveChat: is paid Weebly application allows you to integrate LiveChat software in a couple of minutes;
  3. Call-Out-Box: a free Weebly application that makes it easy to select an important piece of information using a special background and colored borders;
  4. The ability to specify meta tags for each individual page, internal statistics, the ability to add Google Analytics to extend the built-in statistics, 301 redirection.

With the release of the fourth version, Weebly has expanded the list of included domain name offerings to include 6 new domain zones, most of which are international. These include .com, .net, .org, .us and .info. Available Weebly applications for Android and iOS allow users to create new and edit existing sites on the go. Their new iOS app turns the iPad into a creative tool that works both offline and online, and is specifically designed to create a website.

Weebly Speed & Security

Your website is a program, so it can be vulnerable. Weebly uses very simple technologies for the site creation, and therefore the site created in it is invulnerable. In a simple site there is no place where an attacker can enter. But if you are editing your site via the Internet, if your site has a section to manage site - then your site may already be subject to "attack" of viruses.

  • The easiest way to hack a site is to pick a password. Therefore, use a fairly complex password to access the site management section. If your password is simple, the attacker will be able to quickly pick it up;
  • Another way to hack is to search for vulnerabilities in the site program. Therefore, check whether the security features are built into the programs with which you build the site. All program codes for creating a site should be protected from hacking.

Note! Free solutions are often vulnerable. Weebly hoster constantly supports your site, and when you have created and laid out the site on the Internet, the security and speed largely depends on it. Iа the server hosting your site is vulnerable, then any security measures you take will not work.

  • Weebly hosting provides using modern versions of server software. Vulnerabilities and errors are detected from time to time in the software, and if the hoster does not update the server in a timely manner, your website will not only be vulnerable, but will also work slowly;
  • Weebly makes backup, and in case of infection or damage, it will be able to provide you with one of the previous versions of the site, not yet infected or not damaged.

Weebly Templates and design

In general, there are three options:

  1. one can use drag-and-drop ready-made themes;
  2. configure any one (in addition to the standard WYSIWYG constructor, there is an advanced HTML and CSS editor);
  3. or use a third-party template - there are many designers who create custom templates, specially developing for this designer.

If you use one of the new responsive themes, your site will be automatically optimized for mobile devices, and you will not have to customize the look and feel of the mobile version. For those who use old Weebly templates, the system provides an integrated mobile editor. Editing a mobile view will seem to you a simple matter thanks to a visual editor that allows you to drag and drop items into a mobile layout. Important note: all changes will be automatically synchronized between the computer and mobile versions, when deleting, editing or adding items to the mobile site. This feature is available at no extra charge.

Weebly Customer Support

Weebly provides various types of support. Firstly, the control panel itself contains explanatory pop-up windows and tips that will help you easily explore the system. Secondly, you can take advantage of LiveChat Weebly support, as well as by phone and email. If you experience any problems, first visit the Help Center. It contains answers to frequently asked questions, many useful lessons and full information about Weebly costs. Weebly is also quite active on social networks. In urgent cases, you can contact via Twitter or Facebook.

Weebly SEO & Marketing

Weebly Resource has an acceptable set of Weebly pros and cons for search engine optimization site. Weebly Optimizer provides: SEO settings for the entire project (parameters, general, SEO) and each web page separately (SEO settings, title, URL pages, description, keywords, header/footer code, hide from navigation), 301 redirect (redirect), connecting the Google Analytics statistics collection tool, specifying meta tags for confirming the rights to the site in Webmaster.Yandex and Google Webmaster Tools (position - header code). In this regard, Weebly does not stand out from the competition. And it is difficult to somehow stand out, letting me fill in the meta tags for the pages. Unless to make this process more convenient, add applications that allow you to track usage statistics and transitions from search engines for keywords. But nothing other than the standard settings, you will not find here. Although this is quite enough for a successful website promotion. Weebly SEO parameters can be found along this path: the “Pages” menu, then select the desired item and click on the icon next to its name, then go to the “Advanced” settings. Here you can set the title, description and keywords for the selected page. Nothing complicated, everything is standard within the Weebly sitemap. The main thing is to choose the right keywords and enter them into unique texts that fill the site. Further, like everyone else, wait. It is also recommended to add Weebly to the Google and Yandex panels to speed up the indexing of its pages. In addition, you can combine traditional text-based promotion methods with promotion on social networks and prominent video hosting sites like Youtube. Traffic from them can be significant, which will invariably lead to an increase in traffic from search results.

Connecting domain to Weebly site

After registering on Weebly and creating the site, you need to connect the domain name to it. To do this, follow the following path: => Options => General => Website Address => Change, and choose from the proposed:

  1. Use a third-level domain of the form - the name.weebly.com (at a free rate, with great functional limitations);
  2. Register a new domain (it is meant to do this with them, but very expensive, the first year is free, then from $ 20 per year);
  3. Use a domain that you already own (purchased from another resource).

The first option can be fully used to run your modest business. Try to make a 5-page project with a short name (for example, mkm.weebly.com), you do not pay a paid rate, but make out contextual advertising on Yandex-Direct and have your own clients. In this case, without advertising, the website will not work independently, and you will never see it in the results of search results. And it’s unlikely to be indexed by search engines. However, as a budget option worthy of consideration. It is better not to accept “expensive” gifts from Weebly, but to purchase a domain name from an official registrar. In this case, you will always have alternative customization, for example, to make a new web site in any other popular designer, and reconnect your domain to it without any problems. The question of connecting your own domain to the Weebly website is easy to solve. Once logged in to your personal account on the domain name registrar web resource, you need to go to the => My Domain section and in your settings, register new DNS server entries yourself:

  • NS1: ns1.weebly.com;
  • NS2: ns2.weebly.com.

After that, at the Weebly service in the corresponding section specify the domain name and give the command to connect it.

Weebly Payments

Payment of goods via Weebly resource is available only in two ways: by credit cards and using PayPal.

Weebly Promo Codes & Coupons

You can always get a discount on an order or another nice bonus, this is one more argument for Weebly being the best website builder. Promo code - a unique combination of symbols and numbers, giving the buyer a certain bonus. When you enter the "magic word" in the field designated for it during the checkout, the script is triggered and the purchase amount is recalculated. Weebly Promotional codes are beneficial for both the platform and users. by means of coupons Weebly encourages visitors to make a purchase right now. Regular customers receive individual promotional codes, which again and again return them to their favorite store. And the user, in turn, saves money and receives nice gifts.

  1. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 19.90

    IM Creator is more suited to users with plenty of web design experience. It even offers a whitelabel plan known as IM XPRS, allowing professional web designers to build client websites through the platform.
  2. Free: 9

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 38.99

    Shopify is the best ecommerce platform on the market today. It’s designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features, and tons of apps.
  3. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 29.99

    Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a professional website – without having to know a line of code! With hundreds of templates and great tools Wix lets you build and sell through your site.
  4. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 6

    Unlimited: 5

    VIP: 39.90

    Web.com offers you a step-by-step process for selecting your website’s design in which you specify your business field and make design choices from three possible options in every one of those steps. Based on your choices, Web.com creates a site, which you can then further customize from within the site editor.
  5. Free: 5

    Connect Domain: 8

    Combo: 7

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 17.90

    Weebly is the best website builder for small business sites. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to use, while its large range of features and apps means your site will be able to pack a punch.
  6. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 4

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 22.90

    Web Hosting Hub aims to provide affordable shared hosting to small businesses. Their 200+ U.S. based team services over 40,000 customers, providing a simple platform to help you start, run and grow a new website.
  7. Free: 5

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 10.99

    Creating a website should be easy and fun — this is our philosophy here at uKit. Let your imagination run wild or use predefined options.
  8. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 5

    Unlimited: 5

    VIP: 10.99

    Create a professional, free website in minutes. Get leads, sell products, and grow your business online
  9. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 7

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 12.99

    Join more than 180,000 entrepreneurs who’ve trusted Volusion ecommerce software to create successful online stores.


As a constructor Weebly is performed at a high level. There are minor flaws, but they fade against the background of the overall power and convenience of the platform. Judge for yourself: the convenience of the admin panel and the beauty of the Wix / uKit templates are combined with functionality that is very close to uCoz. Almost ideal. Competitors are hard to beat Weebly - it has no significant shortcomings, except for one. It's about the cost of creating a store. With a serious attitude to sell, it makes sense to take only Business. The first two tariffs are limited by the number of added goods (10 and 25) and sales commission. It is unlikely that you will be pleased. What is weebly used for? You can create a website in the Weebly constructor for free, i.e. customize the design, create an unlimited number of pages and fill them with content. The volume of the site should not exceed 500 MB. But such sites are closed from being indexed by search engines, cannot be connected to their own domain, and their services are advertised on their pages. Naturally, premium Weebly themes are deprived of all the tools for doing e-commerce. On the other hand, even at 1 fare you can make an excellent business card (portfolio, landing, corporate). Some platforms have the most affordable pricing plan present formally - huge restrictions do not allow its use. Here the process is organized more honestly. It makes sense to purchase either 1 or 3 subscription if you need a store. General verdict - Weebly is worth of attention. Definitely, this is one of the premium SaaS platforms according to Weebly reviews. You will pay for quality, convenience and pleasant impressions from the development.

Weebly Example Sites

Weebly User Reviews

  1. “I launched online web comics Avalon california.com on the Weebly platform in January 2015. I had minimal programming skills, but I was able to create a functional website with the help of Weebly tutorials and excellent technical support. Hosting has an amazing value for money! My only complaint is that during lunch and early evening, Weebly becomes slow and not responsive. I use their cheapest paid service, but Weebly-Chat did not promise any faster service for more expensive rates. In Weebly, they tell me that this is my problem, but I can quickly go to other web hosts and see that this is not the case.”;
  2. “Extremely user friendly: easy and simple to create a website and blog Weebly is a great site for creating a website and a blog. It is so simple that anyone with an absolutely technical level of zero can make a website within minutes. The only reason why I do not give him a 5-star rating: a) The SEO section is underdeveloped. For example, the fact that adding an object to an HTML header is not the same as adding an object to a page / site header; b) It is necessary to improve the aesthetics of the blog page, allowing more extensive use of images for the blog name and the “more” format (read more).”;
  3. “Tested on their own and others' sites designer, unique content and can be promoted, customers are satisfied with the ease of site editing, ideal for business cards, the store does not work with our currencies, use equid.”;
  4. “I make a website on Weebly. Everything suits, but such a question does not give rest: I have a lot of external links to other sites on my site. To prevent search engines from indexing these links and robots to pass through them, it is necessary to put a NOFOLLOW tag on each link.”


Weebly FAQ Section

How to setup google analytics on Weebly?

To lead the resource to the top search engines without analyzing data from web analytics systems is almost impossible. With the help of Weebly Google Analytics counter, you will understand who visits your site, what requests users come to and what information they are looking for. To start collecting statistics, create a new analytics counter and set its code on all pages of the site. But if you need to install Google Analytics on Weebly, then the code must be integrated into the template file. Google Analytics counter can be installed on the site with Weebly by means of three ways:

  • Edit files using FTP;
  • Add code to the template through the admin panel;
  • Install plugin;

Weebly ssl certificate - the platform uses Weebly SSL certificate (secure sockets layer) is a cryptographic protocol for secure communication. The purpose of the protocol is to provide secure data transfer. At the same time, asymmetric encryption algorithms are used for authentication (public – private key pair), and symmetric (private key) is used to preserve confidentiality. The first type of Weebly website builder encryption is more resource-intensive, so its combination with a symmetric algorithm helps to maintain high processing speed; Weebly widgets - from a formal point of view, Weebly edit widgets are a small application sharpened for the implementation of some useful task. Understanding what the word "widget" means is not quite easy, because for a long time various gadgets have been called that, but over the past 20 years special applications have appeared written in HTML or JavaScript, and performing a specific function. Weebly widgets are classified by appearance, functionality and installation site. In the store you will find applications for adding SEO settings to products, widgets for promotion in social networks, including trivial likes and sharing buttons, add-ons to increase traffic to the site and other useful things. Some Weebly app is distributed free of charge, but the most needed ones will have to be bought - and this is in the burden of the paid tariff plan. In appearance, there are the following types of these programs:

  • Toppers, according to Weebly review located at the top of the screen and looking like a strip with a field and a button. Perform information function, informing about promotions and discounts, and can be used to collect contacts;
  • Flor performs the same functions as topper, but is located at the bottom of the screen;
  • Pop-ups that overlap the page of the site. Weebly widget which is used for messages about various promotions or for offers to leave contact information;
  • Labels are located on the side of the screen and are used to get feedback from site visitors;
  • Embedded widgets.

Is weebly safe?

Yes, administration ang Weebly customer service is doing everything possible so that the sites created using this resource could withstand viruses and hacker attacks (SSL security);

How to change font in weebly?

You can edit the site/change font created using Weebly, at any time convenient for you. To do this, you need to log in to your Weebly account, then select the site that you want to change, and click the "Edit" button;

How to unpublish weebly?

To manage a paid subscription, go to the “Services” section in the control panel, select the “Paid orders” item in the menu on the left and click on the “Manage subscriptions” link on the page that opens. On the subscription management page you will find information on the date of the subscription, its actual start (if the previous payment period was not completed at the time of ordering the service) and the date of renewal. Click on the "Unpublish" button to cancel the subscription. After successfully canceling your subscription, you will see a message indicating that there are no active subscriptions; Weebly tips and tricks - if you want to go beyond what the system offers in its official theme library, you can completely change the look with the HTML and CSS editor, which provides the ability to preview changes made to the template code in real time. Weebly has a visual editor, WYSYWIG. This means that all actions that you perform in the editor are immediately visible. You can also switch between computer and mobile versions and edit them both;

How to add subpages in weebly?

The latest version of Weebly Site Creator has a mobile editor, which is as convenient as a computer editor. However, although this will help to easily set up a mobile view (using the same drag and drop tools), it should be noted that there is no way to create a separate mobile version. Weebly's iOS and Android applications let you manage your site directly from your phone or tablet. In particular, you can:

  • post text, photos and videos to the blog;
  • share your posts through connected social media accounts;
  • view blog comments;
  • respond to comments using the app;
  • add new products, product options, photos, descriptions and prices;
  • track, manage and process orders;
  • receive notifications each time you place a new order.

Free: 5

Connect Domain: 8

Combo: 7

Unlimited: 10

VIP: 17.90

Weebly is the best website builder for small business sites. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to use, while its large range of features and apps means your site will be able to pack a punch.