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IM Creator Review (XPRS)

→Last Updated: December 23rd, 2014
IM Creator Website Builder
Average Rating: 4.7 / 5
Number of Reviews: 27

im creator review


The main idea of IM creator is to make available the assembly of a professional website for people without technical knowledge of layout, design, and administration of web resources. In order to create a website, the complexity was at the level of posting on social networks: simply editing text and multimedia elements, dragging them with a mouse in a friendly visual editor. IM creator of web pages have reached such a level that already resembles visual mini-CMS, in which the design is edited separately, and the text separately. This means that you can not be afraid that some part of the layout will “crawl” if the client wants to change the text, add a new slogan on the main page or add to the collection of feedback from users. This technical separation has been met with approval from the search engines: it’s easier to index pages, which means it’s faster to get to the TOP.

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IM creator: the audience

The IM creator platform is ideal for those who want to create their own site, the output will be the use of web designers. The advantage of IM creator application is that the start-up costs will be several times smaller compared to hiring a development team. To get started, you just need to create an attractive, informative company web page. With the help of IM Creator, more than 17 million sites have been created. The IM creator service specializes in large and complex websites that are suitable for both large information portals and online stores (they have a convenient interface and a number of useful extensions). And the most important thing is that you do not need specialized knowledge: you can choose a ready-made template from dozens of existing ones, build them using the “Lego-Like” technology or use a manual build via the “drag-and-drop” functional feature. For all development options, detailed text descriptions and video instructions have been prepared. The IM creator application is equipped with the recognized best mobile website builder, with which you can edit data and manage the functionality of the website directly from the phone. The object of management - in a mobile application, can be created directly within your own website, immediately testing its mobile version in the field.

IM Pricing

Although IM Creator announces itself as a free website builder, this free option is available only to students, artists and non-profit organizations. It is impressive that this tariff plan comes with all the features available on the Premium tariff. These include free hosting, a custom domain, access to all topics, e-commerce and the complete lack of advertising. You can connect to the IM Creator service by two paid subscriptions:
  • $ 8 / month - your own domain and premium support;
  • $ 350 / year - unlimited package.
Premium IM creator pricing tariff plan, obviously, is designed for everyone who does not fall under these three categories to get free accounts. At present, the monthly fee at the Premium rate is quite adequate and affordable, and is within the general limits of the pricing policy of other site designers. Web designers, hosting companies, and resellers can upgrade to an annual plan for accessing unlimited licenses and white-label websites for their clients. With this plan, you also get access to the reseller control panel, e-commerce and, of course, you will not have any ad impressions.

Pros and Cons of IM creator

  • work happens in the browser, and all that is needed is a stable Internet connection;
  • there is no binding to one computer, you can work simultaneously from several places (this is especially convenient if several people work for the site creation);
  • the hosting issue is usually resolved by the online collateral provider;
  • IM creator website builder can tried for free during 14 days’ period, or even work without investing a single penny while the project is being built.
The disadvantages of the IM creator website creator include restrictions on the transition to another resource after the termination of the subscription. If you tighten for more than six months, the website data will be permanently deleted from the repository, and it will be impossible to restore them. An additional disadvantage is the unreadable and long subdomain on the free package. But online craftsmen already publish master classes that tell how to make the address more friendly, so not everything is lost for IM Creator.

IM creator Speed & Security

Data security in open imcreator, will always be a source of serious concern for developers and customers. Therefore, for any product used, it is extremely important to create a safe execution environment. The SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol, jointly developed by Netscape Communications and RSA Data Security, makes it possible to effectively ensure such security. SSL provides IM Creator security, certificate-based authentication, and security negotiation over an established network connection, so IM Creator haы adopted SSL as a communication protocol. The SSL protocol provides integrity and confidentiality of data exchange between two communicating applications using TCP / IP. Data moving between the client and IM Creator server is encrypted with a symmetric algorithm. For digital signatures and encryption key exchange, a public key algorithm (RSA) is used. Public key IM Creator encryption uses two keys, each of which can be used to encrypt messages. If one IM Creator key is used to encrypt a message, another must be used to decrypt it. This allows you to receive secure messages by simply publishing one (public) key and keeping the other (secret) key secret. Digital IM Creator certificates mainly serve two purposes:
  • establish the identity of the owner;
  • make available the primary key of the owner.
IM Creator digital certificate is issued by a trusted authority organization (certificate authority - CA) and is issued only for a limited time. After the expiration of the IM Creator certificate, it must be replaced. IM Creator SSL uses digital certificates for key exchange, server authentication and, if necessary, client authentication. The IM Creator digital certificate contains the following pieces of information about the identity of the certificate holder and source of certificates:
  • full (unique) name of the certificate holder;
  • owner's public key;
  • date of issue of the digital certificate;
  • certificate expiration date;
  • full (unique) name of the publisher (certificate source);
  • digital signature of the publisher.
An SSL imxprs connection is always initiated by the client by calling a URL starting with https: // instead of http: //.

How Good are im creator Templates?

IM Creator templates really deserve attention. You can choose from over 70 stunning and professional designs. There is an option to start creating your website by choosing an empty template. However, pre-assembled templates will allow you to quickly get started with your site - just swap existing content on your own, and you're done! Regardless of the scope of business, everyone will be able to find a template that he likes. According to IM Creator you will find many options for modifying existing templates by customizing the content, background image, color, and text. Unfortunately, there is no access to editing HTML and CSS of the site. And if this is what you need, you may have to choose another constructor for your purposes, such as Wix or Weebly. After selecting a template, you can automatically see how your site will appear on your mobile device and desktop. This is a standard feature for most modern site designers, and we are happy that it is available here.

IM Creator Customer Support

Whether you are a newbie or a professional web designer, you will feel the constant presence and help of IM Creator technical support. From ready-made guides to Frequently Asked Questions, practical tips and community forums and e-mail support, the technical IM Creator service seems to be very customer-oriented, and devotes a lot of time to supporting and helping its customers. Unfortunately, they have neither online chat nor phone support. The only way to contact the support team is via the e-mail ticket system, but they try their best to reply to you in less than 12 hours. Even for customers with a free tariff, IM Creator technical support will be fully implemented.

Who is IM creator Best For?

One of the most popular xprs website designers in the world is best suited for those who do not understand anything in the process of creating websites. A large number of IM Creator templates, divided into 17 categories (including mobile sites) - I do not want to choose. At the same time, you can create a site from scratch without a template or use an example of any site simply by dragging it into the development field. Add to this a large number of editing tools, ease of use. There is a IM Creator free version, which is enough to create a decent site, and paid for more serious needs ($ 9.95 per month).

IM CREATOR SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Simple IM Creator features that will ensure your online presence:
  1. SEO-tools - this is not something that you will come to delight, compared with what other site designers offer. Yes, you can optimize your site for search engines, but do not expect anything more. The maximum you can do with this site is to insert one title, one meta description and only one set of keywords for the entire site! Compare all this with suggestions from other designers that allow you to add headings, descriptions and keywords to the page;
  2. Blog - it's great that this constructor has a blog function, but it is also very simple. You will not be able to create messages, put them in a queue so that they will be published in the future, include comments, post backdating or include an RSS feed. It seems that IM Creator lacks the foundation on which to create and maintain a blog. At the same time, you can make small changes to the layout of your blog, as well as insert images and other multimedia materials into your posts;
  3. E-commerce - The main feature of mobile sites is in the small width of the device’s workspace. The elements should be located so that the user is comfortable using their fingers on a relatively small screen. As a rule, the mobile version of the site is significantly different from the desktop. The overall style remains the same. But the icons, signatures, their location, size, perhaps the font and structure of the pages are different.
To create an online xprs store requires the installation of a basket Shoprocket. With this upgrade, it will be quite simple to create and manage an online store.


The main feature of mobile sites is in the small width of the device’s workspace. The elements should be located so that the user is comfortable using their fingers on a relatively small screen. As a rule, the mobile version of the site is significantly different from the desktop. The overall style remains the same. But the icons, signatures, their location, size, perhaps the font and structure of the pages are different. In general, during development, you can use code that will automatically recognize the type and resolution of a user's device, adapting content to it. This is a responsive design. And you can make a mobile version of the site separately, using the IM Creator web service. This is a more time-consuming approach, but it justifies itself when working with serious projects: more attention to detail, differences in favor of convenience from the basic version, additional IM Creator functional blocks or, on the contrary, everything unnecessary is removed. IM Creator is the designer of the mobile version of the site, with the help of which for any site you can easily make a well-designed version for mobile devices. IM Creator system is also a full-fledged designer of adaptive sites, and a kind of optimizer of existing projects for the needs of mobile browsing. There are quite a few designers with a visual editor. IM Creator is good in its own way, it is. Still, its functionality for turning desktop sites into mobile looks much more interesting, almost unique.


To get started, you must enter the address of the site for which you need a mobile version. Then the IM Creator system will think for a couple of minutes, then transfer you to the editor. On the right is a preview window in the format of a mobile device, on the left - the category of options for transforming the appearance, in the middle - the choice of available options and small settings. It's nice that at first glance at the IM Creator editor, everything becomes clear. Although there is a small nuance: the service is English-speaking! The good news is in the simplicity, the prevalence of the words used in menus - even with low-level low-level English you will feel confident. So in this feature of the IM Creator service there is no problem. So, in the sidebar there are 3 settings points expressing the steps that you have to go through to get the IM Creator mobile version of the site:
Design - options for customizing the appearance of the site in the form of subparagraphs:
  • Layout - select the page structure for the submission of materials. There are 5 options available. Here you can set the style for the menu block;
  • Style - the choice of the color scheme of the main elements, the background image and font schemes for buttons, titles and links / text;
  • Header - select the type of header (text or image), the size of this area, alignment, background and the possibility of fixed movement of the header block as you scroll the pages;
Pages - edit each static page of the site. Here you can customize SEO, choose an individual template, set the opening rules, link, add your code, etc. The most interesting thing is that you can add widgets - various types of IM Creator content and functionality to the page. All of them are divided into 3 categories: business, design, social. There are 40 widgets in total. Among them: callback, restaurant menu, gallery, 2 columns, map, coupon, list, tabs, HTML code, button, paragraph (text), blocks of likes and share, RSS;
Preview and publication - here you can find links to the obtained result and comparison with the initial version, as well as a fare payment offer for publishing the mobile version of your site.

What will the use of this service provide?

Let's sort it out in order. You have a website without a mobile version. You go to IM Creator, enter the link, after which the system scans the structure of your site and its materials. All this is converted, adjusted to mobile compatibility at the code level. You get your pages with all the content, but they now fit well into the screens of mobile gadgets. Further, with the help of design edits and a rather large set of widgets, you can bring the site's appearance and functionality to the desired condition. Widgets can be inserted anywhere on the page. That is still the construction of a mobile layout in IM Creator includes the classic tools of WYSIWYG-designers, allowing you to increase functionality. Each widget has settings that correspond to the context of its purpose: for example, appearance, background, links, field names, padding, code insertion, etc. In general, customization of embedded elements is quite decent. You can also set up the SEO parameters of the mobile version separately from the main one: add analytics from Google, fill in meta tags, turn on alerts about saving cookies, add your code to ... and select scripts from the desktop version of the site that need to be executed in the mobile version . As a result, we get a mobile site converter, combined with the functionality of the designer. Simple interface, a sufficient set of features and a good result.


With the help of the new online XPRS designer, you can create responsive websites yourself that will be displayed correctly on different types of devices, all without a single line of code. For non-profit organizations have the opportunity to use the premium features for free. For many, creating a website is a complex, lengthy and expensive process, where not all reach the final result. The authors of XPRS set a goal to make a tool for creating websites that will be simple, exciting and accessible to everyone, regardless of the level of technical training. The XPRS team consists of professional web designers and developers who are working on a collection of templates for future sites - they are easy to select, apply to your future site and make changes. For students, designers and non-profit organizations, the service provides the opportunity to use all premium features for free. To do this, you need to write a letter to info [at] indicating your account. After registering and creating a site based on one of the selected templates, the user receives the final link to his site of the form The creation of the site will take no more than an hour if you select the images in advance and prepare the text. Premium features provide an opportunity to transfer the site to your domain, while the user is given access to unlimited hosting and all built-in themes, as well as no ads. There is also a How to section with educational materials that will help you to speed up while creating a beautiful and functional website for your project. If you experience difficulties in using XPRS to create a site, you can set a task on our platform it-volunteer, where volunteers can help you.

IM CREATOR Promo Codes & Coupons

Increasing competition among IM creator competitors, without exception, leads to the fact that marketers are seeking to find new ways to promote products. Today, advertising increasingly uses hidden and non-standard ways of influencing the IM Creator consumer. As a result of the search for new promotion methods, this type of advertising appears, like BTL, i.e. indirect advertising, which also includes IM Creator promotions. IM Creator Promotional action is a set of actions aimed at promoting a product or service that affect a target audience (potential consumers). The impact can be informational: you can visually get acquainted with the IM Creator service, test it; and stimulating: get a free IM Creator promotion product when you buy a certain quantity of a product, get a gift for purchasing IM Creator product (using the service), get IM Creator discount on the purchase of a product or service, etc. The promotion is usually short-term. In order to introduce a new IM Creator product service to the market or to increase the sales of an already offered IM Creator product service. There are several types of IM Creator promotions and IM creator coupons, and their number is only increasing, as marketers are constantly striving to find new ways to advertise IM Creator products. However, the stages of preparation of such marketing activities are generally lined up in one chain. All IM Creator data are collected in a single plan, which are fixed responsible for each type of IM Creator action. Then the action is implemented and its effectiveness is assessed.


In fact, IM Creator occupies one of the first places in terms of prevalence among similar site designers, and is recommended first of all to those who have never encountered the concept of web-site building, are afraid of HTML abbreviations and similar ones, but are eager to create a professional-looking website for a short time. The first thing the user needs to do is decide on the format of the site creation. One can take one of the thematic templates as a basis, create a website from scratch, or use our ready-made website as a template, transferring it to the IM Creator development environment. All IM Creator templates are divided by the subject of the created site. There are a total of 14 categories in IM creator website maker, including a section with the most popular templates among current users, as well as a separate category with templates originally designed for mobile sites. When the template is selected, click on the preview button and select the editor, the Edit button - we get into the internal editor menu, where we will execute the most important things in site building. According to IM creator customer reviews the editor’s control panel of the site builder looks very simple - one big panel at the top of the window and nothing more. IM creator review shows  that everything is minimal here and there are no unnecessary elements here. To add an element to the site you just need to select it from the control panel and put it on the site, then you can click on this item and in the opened menu select what other actions you want to perform with the item. In the site builder IM Creator you will never find an incomprehensible code and some obscure marketing functions that are as simple and clear as possible and even those who have never been involved in website building can make their website in this service. Site settings will provide the user with all the features needed to change the appearance of the function — a favicon, type and size of fonts, background and even analytics. That is, the editor is quite extensive, but he, naturally, isn’t any comparison with the wordpress’ functional or, all the more, the engine. Naturally, if you want to get the maximum capacity of the site and maximize business success, then you have to pay almost $ 10 per month using this constructor + your own domain. This is quite a lot, since the price of a very good hosting and domain does not exceed $ 11 per month, given that the site is made on a free CMS. But, the designer’s free functions are enough to make a small promo page or a page for traffic integration.

IM creator Example Sites

IM creator User Reviews

  1. “IM Creator has obviously made a lot of effort to simplify the drag-and-drop interface. If you choose any of the pre-filled templates, all you need to create a website is to insert your own content to replace the default content, be it text or images. Designing pages is also quite simple - just move the elements to the place where you want them to be. It should be noted that the editor contains many different icons, and it may take some time to deal with them. However, this, of course, does not distract the user from creating the site.”;
  2. “It takes some time to get used to the new interface and understand how to work with each element of the designer. Thanks to a well-thought-out editor, IM Creator makes it easy to get everything you need for your website to work and work. In order for you to see the progress of your work, there is a preview in real time. The intuitive editor is structured so that the user can quickly identify parameters and functions. In general, adding elements, design and customization is easy.”;
  3. “IM Creator definitely makes a good first impression and generally fulfills its promise to help create a website quickly and at no additional cost. This designer is distinguished by stylish and modern templates that will make any site look professional. Pre-filled templates will greatly simplify the job of creating your site. Simply replace the default content with your own and you have a functional website ready.”;
  4. “IM Creator is very user friendly and allows you to create your website without a steep learning curve. In truth, this constructor does not have any serious functions. In particular, it is somewhat disappointing weaknesses in analytics and integration with social networks, but this is no reason to stop using it if you are looking for a designer to create a simple and easy web site. It offers several options for flexible settings, but if you want to change the HTML and CSS settings, you will be disappointed. For almost free service, IM Creator offers a reliable platform for creating an online presence. However, do not expect that with this constructor you will be able to create something more complex.”
  5. “I liked the IM Creator designer, ready-made site templates with a ready-made design, it’s easy to customize everything and load a catalog with products of different subcategories. No restrictions, that is, you can create any number of pages, sections, etc. The site immediately works, but in order for it to appear on the Internet, you need to publish it, for this there is a special button in the panel. Also, plus that there is no intrusive advertising. Tariffs are inexpensive, and opportunities are good. Who wants to can stay for free, but there are restrictions. But I personally use paid, as it is more convenient with him and more sales pass.”;
  6. “Good hosting for creating online stores. All the conditions for the creation of stores have been created, and even more so, the hosting seems to be sharpened for it (well, for other commerce and the creation of leads). Of course, on such a hosting it’s not a fact that it’s going to make something big, but it’s quite possible to work with the CPA model and even get it pretty well, judging by the functionality. I myself do leads here and then I merge it into backup and sell it - it turns out pretty well. The powerful editor is present and it pleases. As for the actual creation of the landing page itself - the editor is such that the finished template can be converted into something completely different and everything is done with the mouse.”;
  7. “It was with such designers that I began my difficult way of a webmaster. Initially I created websites on Ucoz, then I started creating websites on IM Creator. I wanted to make a huge pack of sites for a certain affiliate program. With designers in this regard is easier. A few days prepared a pack of sites. Tariffs are very reasonable, servers can handle a lot of work. Convenient and easy to use. There is a large selection of templates for websites of any subject, of course, I had to redo almost all templates, since the topics of the websites I worked on were very specific and there were no suitable templates for them. Functionally IM Creator is good.”;
  8. “I created my online store here, so I immediately chose the Premium tariff (only at this tariff can payments be accepted). Among the advantages I can point out: a convenient and understandable designer, a free domain, synchronization with Yandex.Market and responsive ones. support I paid 5000 for the year ahead, I think this is an adequate amount, because the site turned out very nice, besides, it is optimized for search engines, which, as I was explained, is very important) It is very convenient to manage the site, there were no problems. For beginners there are special training videos. I recommend IM Creator!”;
  9. “IM Creator - Very clear designer, followed by hosting, which makes it even more convenient to use. Among the advantages I want to mention the easy creation of a site for IM Creator, a reasonable price for hosting several sites at once, a fast and responsive support service. Suitable for beginners and those who are particularly high requirements for the site does not impose. If you already have a ready-made site - transfer to IM Creator will be free for you. There is a free tariff, but for only 2 weeks I use the Premium tariff for 2 sites. Payment methods are convenient, there were no problems. I have been working with IM Creator for more than three years and will continue it with pleasure!”;
  10. “I use IM Creator to receive payments. Specifically, I use the processing service. In general, the service has many other functions, but I have a well-established work of an online store, so only part of the functionality associated with transactions is of interest. If roughly, the essence is as follows: I am connected to the service, the client buys the goods, the money for the purchase goes to the service, 5% is withdrawn from there, the rest is transferred to my bank account. These 5% commissions also include all requisitions of payment systems. It is clear that 5% is already included in the amount of goods, so I do not lose. As a result, when buying a product, everything is done.”

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