Yola Review

→Last Updated: March 6th, 2014

Yola Review

Yolasite Review: Create Your Own Website for Free

At the beginning of 2000s, personal websites were extremely popular. Every person on the internet wanted to have one! Nowadays, they are becoming less trendy due to the flourish of social networks. Despite that, many people are striving to create their own website. It can be used as a fan page of your favorite football club, gallery of your photography works, your musical group’s web page, and many more. If you think that social networks and blogs do not offer enough capabilities for your needs, a personal website is your only solution.

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Fortunately, you do not have to be a professional web developer in order to create your own website. There are many site builders that allow the construction of web pages without manual code editing. Thanks to them, anyone can create a website in a matter of days. On this page, we are going to review yolasite.com — one of the best free site builders. It does not only allows you to make a website but also provides reliable and scalable hosting for free.

Yolasite Overview

Yola.com offers a huge set of features for creating and publishing websites. This service is very easy to use, which makes it one of the best options for people who do not know anything about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other web development technologies. Feel free to register and create a new site right away! Yola website builder has been available since 2007. It comes with an intuitive creator that allows anyone to build their own website. Moreover, Yola offers a free package for novice users. However, you should not expect much from it since it limits the number of pages to three. It is good enough for testing capabilities of the service or small business card websites. If you are going to create a real website with a lot of content, you will need to pay.

Yola Pricing

So, how much money will you have to spend? It depends on your needs. Yolasite website creator offers four plans:
  •         Free plan. Limited to three pages, 1 GB bandwidth, and 1 GB disk storage.
  •         Bronze plan ($4.95 per month). Comes with a custom domain, 2 GB disk storage, and unlimited bandwidth.
  •         Silver plan ($9.95 per month). Features 5 GB disk storage, advanced editing, mobile optimization, and social media integration. Moreover, it allows you to remove Yola branding from the website’s footer, making it completely your own.
  •         Gold plan ($19.95 per month). The priciest option includes all the features offered in the Silver plan. Additionally, you get automatic SEO monitoring, optimization scans, as well as unlimited disk storage.
Overall, paid plans offered by Yola are way less expensive than those of similar services such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and others. The Silver plan includes more than enough business-friendly features for less than 120 dollars per year, which is a great offer. Keep in mind that Yola guarantees 30-day money back on every package. It means that you can try this service before fully committing. If you are not sure what plan to choose, simply test all the options available!

Pros and Cons of Yola

Let us review the best advantages and the most annoying disadvantages of Yolasite website creator.


  •         Suitable for e-commerce;
  •         Affordable plans;
  •         Easy upgrade;
  •         Unlimited bandwidth for premium plans;
  •         A large collection of templates;
  •         Free publishing;
  •         Can be used for multiple websites (you can create up to 25 websites with the Silver plan).


  •         Some templates are plain bad;
  •         The Free plan is very limited;
  •         Yola does not include blogging features;
  •         The Bronze plan includes Yola ads.

Yola Features

Yolasite website maker offers a bunch of convenient instruments that make web development extremely easy. One of its greatest features is an e-commerce widget from Ecwid.com, which allows you to create your own e-store. It accepts various payment methods and can be integrated with postal services. Another feature we like about Yola is SEO monitoring and optimization. Unfortunately, it is only available to those who purchased the Golden package. Thanks to this feature, you can easily improve the SEO ranking of your website. Nowadays, it is very important to optimize websites for mobiles since most people use smartphones to browse the internet. Fortunately, Yola offers mobile optimization feature in every paid package. It allows you to create a mobile version of an existing website with a touch of a button! Additionally, Yola features:
  •         Free switchable customizable templates;
  •         Domain registration;
  •         Import and export option;
  •         Quick upgrade;
  •         Free publishing;
  •         Free Yola sub-domain;
  •         Round the clock customer support.

Yola Speed & Security

In terms of speed, Yola is among the best website builders. Thanks to the convenient Creation Wizard, you can build and publish your website in less than 30 minutes! Choose from hundreds of different templates and customize them to create a unique site as fast as it is possible. As for security, Yola claims that it is committed to protecting the personal information of every user. However, it does collect and share sensitive data (such as e-mail addresses) about you and visitors of your websites with third parties. The Download Site feature allows to you backup your Yola website. You will get all the pages in zipped format.

Templates and design

Thanks to a large number of switchable templates, you can build truly unique websites using Yola. However, you will have to purchase a premium package since the free option only offers nine templates. The best thing about Yola templates is that you can switch between them at any moment while keeping all the contents of your website. There are nearly a hundred templates for any taste. Check them on this page: https://www.yola.com/templates/#listing. Every template allows you to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and banners. Moreover, Yola offers an advanced webpage editor for professional web developers. It can be used to manually change the CSS/HTML code. Unfortunately, the customization options offered by Yola are somewhat limited if you compare it to similar services, but novice users should be completely satisfied with them.

Customer Support

The service offers amazing customer support. Feel free to contact support agents at any moment. You can get help via international telephone, email, or live chat. Keep in mind that the latter is only available to paid users. Those who use Yolasite for the first time should use tutorials and videos available on Yolasite.com. Visit the following page to see them: https://www.yola.com/tutorials.

Yola Promo Codes & Coupons

The service makes good offers for those who want to upgrade their Yola website. At the moment we are writing this review, the following coupons are available:
  •         GOLD20 (allows you to save 20% off 1 Year of Yola Gold);
  •         welcomesilver20 (save 20% off 1 Month of Yola Silver);
  •         welcomedomain10 (get a custom domain with a 10% discount).


Yola has its pros and cons. It is one of the most user-friendly site builders that has many great features for novice users. On the other hand, it is only suitable for simple websites and the free plan is pretty bad. If you are looking for an easy way to create your first personal site or a small e-store, Yola is a decent choice. Those who want to build big and complex websites should find something different.

Yola User Reviews


It is absolutely awesome! I have managed to build my own website in mere hours even though I don’t have any web-developing experience.


The service is simple to work with and it fits for my small business page. However, it lacks blog integration and the quality of templates leaves much to be desired.


I have been using this service for many years. So far, it is good enough for me. I only wish premium packages were cheaper.


I like the website builder but the fact that you have to purchase a paid subscription in order to edit the HTML code is very upsetting.


Can I use Yola for free?

Yes. Yola offers a free plan, which allows you to create and publish a small website to a Yola subdomain. If needed, you can easily upgrade to any paid plan with advanced features.

Will I need to pay for the traffic generated by my website?

All the paid Yola packages provide web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, which means that you will not have to worry about the hosting traffic allowance at all.

Is it possible to use a custom domain with Yola?

Yes, but you will need to get a premium plan. Feel free to publish your website to a custom domain that you already own. Additionally, you can purchase your own domain from Yola.

Is it possible to cancel Yola at any time?

Of course. You can cancel Yola anytime via e-mail.

Can I try premium Yola packages for free?

Yes. Yola offers a 30-day money back on every paid package.

Is Yola mobile friendly?

Yes. Purchase one of the paid packages to be able to automatically optimize your websites for mobile platforms.

Can I get a discount for a yearly service?

Yes. You will get a discount, custom domain and a whole year of private registration by purchasing a 12-month package.

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