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→Last Updated: March 6th, 2014

web.com review


Web.com website builder is software that allows you to create a website within the Internet. The web.com software will reside on a web server in a hosting company or be part of the SaaS platform (software as a service). Or, in other words, you do not use your local computer (desktop or laptop) to store the software that will create the website. Instead, you will build a website online using web.com software designed specifically to create a website.

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If you are faced with the task of creating a website from scratch on the constructor, then it is recommended to use web.com tool. With its help, in a few hours you will make and upload your own project, whether it is a personal page, a portfolio site or a themed landing page. The web.com service is easy to use and at the same time contains a lot of opportunities to create site and to provide site customization. It is easy to work with photos and text, add new sections and blocks, create galleries and insert social networking buttons. Thus, you can make your own online store as quickly and efficiently as possible! web.com cost depends on the term of payment - the amount per year will be significantly lower than in a month. With the annual payment, you will also receive a domain as a gift.

Who should use web.com?

In order to make a website using the web.com designer does not require special knowledge. Therefore, web.com service is suitable for beginners, students, for those who want to create an individual design of their business. Almost all modern designers provide the user with a visual editor with which you can customize any of the proposed templates to your taste. The site is created without writing a single line of code. Pressing the buttons of the visual designer is much easier than drawing a design in Photoshop and writing code. There are cases when users of designers managed to create a website literally "for the evening." web.com designer can be used for free. At the same time, the creation of the site itself, as well as its placement on the designer’s servers, is free. If we add to this the absence of the need to pay for the services of a web.com designer, layout designer, programmer, etc. or just a webmaster, then using web.com constructor one can save a very significant amount of money. web.com offers the user more than 500 templates, on the basis of which he can build his own website. Process control is optimized to the smallest detail. Using the service, you can easily create an information portal, a blog or a full-fledged online store. web.com offers its own application store web.com App Market, each of which helps to introduce features for sharing in social networks, paying for orders, collecting contacts, communicating with users and much more. A big plus is the possibility of self-editing code, the absence of which was previously complained by users. Even quite complex .js scripts are available for integration into the site. An impressive line of business solutions. So, web.com offers built-in email marketing functionality for creating newsletters. Letters can also be sent to users when they perform key actions on the site. Eventbrite tool will allow you to start selling tickets to the event directly on the page. Finance generated through online sales will help control the built-in system of issuing and tracking payments. A pass-through analytics tool is also available in the constructor that displays traffic sources, site positions in the search, and a number of other metrics. The same tasks and in even greater volume and degree of detail are performed by end-to-end analytics of Calltouch. Users will love the resource accessibility of the designer: you can upload audio and video files to it, create playlists and add an unlimited number of pages.

web.com Pricing

When creating a site, the user is given a trial access for 15 days, during which he can evaluate the convenience and functionality of the webcom services. At the end of the trial period, the site is removed from publication (if it was published) or becomes inaccessible for editing. At the same time, it is guaranteed to be stored on the server for a year, that is, you can pay the premium rate at any time and continue working on the web resource. The usage web.com pricing varies from $ 3.5 to $ 15 per month. web.com prices system offers 4 fares:
  • Premium (from $ 5 to $ 3.5 per month depending on the length of the paid period - a month, 3 months, six months, a year, 2 years);
  • Premium + (10 - $ 7 / month.);
  • Store (12 - $ 8.4 / month);
  • About (15 - 10.5 $ / month.).
The necessary features of the web.com designer for creating, editing and placing the site without advertising are provided at the Premium rate. Premium web com pricing plans add advanced statistics and access to premium templates. To create an online store, the “Shop” tariff is appropriate. When switching to web.com Pro, the webmaster gains more creative freedom due to the appearance of the possibility of drawing up his own color schemes. Also by web.com Pro you can embed HTML code on the site pages. Various web.com promotions are constantly held, discounts are offered, sales are launched, so that when buying one of the tariffs you can save a lot concerning your business annual plan. In addition, the web.com service has the option "Turnkey Website", when ordering which, for the creation of a web resource, the specialists of web.com undertake. The cost of a ready-made website for a business is $ 350, the time of order execution is 10 days. The price of a ready online store starts from $320 and depends on the quantity of goods. Creating a large site with an assortment of up to 1000 products and a large number of payment methods will cost $ 2400 and take 25 days. The  service offers additional services:
  • SEO site optimization - from $ 100, depending on the number of pages and the required work: only optimization, only texts or texts + optimization;
  • Online calculator for the site - $ 150;
  • Development of graphics and logos - from $ 100, depending on what you need: a corporate logo, a set of banners or other graphics;
  • Personal site assistance from a website development specialist - from $ 50.
After publishing, the user works for a month for free with the designer, and then automatically switches to the web.com Premium tariff. When ordering a website, money is not paid to the personal contractor immediately, but is reserved in the system. If the work is not done properly, the money is returned to the user without any deductions and commissions.

web.com blocks

The web.com block is the semantic element of the page. If it is quite simple, then this is a piece in its entire width, limited in height. In the context of landings, they are called screens, when it is assumed that the block occupies exactly the area of ​​the user's screen. In such cases, the usual scroll or slider can be used, allowing you to browse the site as a presentation, but this is the topic of a separate article. web.com standard blocks are used:
  • Title screen - most place a large welcome screen at the top of the page containing a banner or video splash screen. On the sides there can be a slogan or a short sentence, as well as a lead form. Less often, they are added to several places on a page for stylistic purposes. It is more suitable for those who represent the field of art;
  • Menu - in the web.com constructor, you will find a plain menu bar, set at the top of the page;
  • Cards - in the cards you can place products and services with price, product options, team photos, reviews and much more;
  • Lead form - the main thing for which most sites are created on the web.com designer. Different ways of collecting personal data of visitors and receiving applications. Be careful - when working with personal information, you must comply with the law;
  • Text + graphics - on the one hand - the image, on the other - a text description. With such a simple block, you can describe almost anything;
  • Headline or quote - plain text web.com block. It fits well as a block delimiter or to underline key points;
  • List - numbered list, points, timeline - they can be separate web.com blocks or options of one;
  • Gallery - as a rule, a list of photos or pictures with examples of cases.
  • Table - as an example, a comparative table with the functionality of products or a list of tariffs with options;
  • web.com map - interactive map from Yandex or Google.
  • Contacts - contact field, feedback form.

web.com widgets

web.com widgets are what blocks are made up of. Sometimes the same element is present in the constructor as a block and a widget at the same time. For example, a table that can be found among the stand-alone screens, as well as among the widgets to add to the finished screen. It is logical that the list of web.com widgets is a list of what fills the blocks, so we will not analyze them in detail.

Pros and Cons of web.com

web.com reviews show that the set of main benefits include:
  • a huge number of high-quality and diverse templates (more than 1000);
  • ability to create your own unique template;
  • powerful site editor;
  • support of drag-and-drop feature (dragged and released) for all elements;
  • very flexible and diverse settings;
  • web.com sites are well indexed by search engines;
  • clear and pleasant-looking interface;
  • the ability to create a mobile version of the resource and pages for the social network Facebook (there is a wide choice of templates);
  • responsive tech support;
  • in the “Jobs” section you can find work for an experienced designer or programmer;
  • fairly good price/quality web com ratings when switching to a paid package;
  • the low cost of a premium account is comparable to 1 cup of coffee (from $ 11 per month);
  • a gift to new users in the form of advertising in Yandex.Direct when they buy a Premium account;
  • this is the TOP site builder, which is trusted by more than 100,000,000 people worldwide!
  • the address of the page in the free version is not memorable;
  • the free version has a limit on the speed of loading the site. There are complex elements and it can take longer time to load than usual.
So, web.com is ​​a smart designer with great potential for website design and very loyal conditions.

web.com Speed & Security

External web.com security analysis (manual or automatic) usually begins with checking the SSL configuration. The web.com SSL configuration usually indicates the overall security level of the entire data protection system. Therefore, advanced users are starting to send requests like “how can you protect my personal data if you have SSL v3 enabled”. Within the framework of the web.com, a secure SSL setup is a technical measure to protect personal data and to speed up data transfer. web.com SSL provides a secure channel between the client and the server, providing the possibility of mutual authentication, the use of digital signatures to ensure integrity and encryption for confidentiality. In the OSI layered model, the SSL protocol is located between the transport layer protocol (for example, TCP) and the application layer protocol (most often HTTP). web.com SSL protocol has two levels: the record protocol (SSL Record Protocol) and the dialogue protocol (SSL Handshake Protocol). The lower level of SSL - SSL Record Protocol is located on top of the transport protocol (for example, TCP). The upper level — the SSL Handshake Protocol — allows the server and client to identify each other and negotiate the encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys, prior to data exchange. The web.com SSL protocol implements two types of identification (or authentication):
  1. client side identification;
  2. server-side authentication.
The server side is always authenticated, while the client side is optionally authenticated. web.com SSL server identification allows the client to verify the authenticity of the server, that is, to verify that the server certificate and public key are valid and were issued by a source on the list of trusted web com security certificates of this client. In the case of self-signed certificates, the client will need to add an exception for this certificate. SSL client authentication allows the server to verify the user's identity. Used mainly in financial systems. When an web.com SSL connection is established, the client and server exchange hello messages. Among other things, the greeting message establishes four basic parameters: the protocol version, the session identifier, the encryption method, the compression method, and also two specially generated random numbers. Both the server and the client generate such numbers independently of each other, and then simply exchange them with each other. After receiving a welcome message from the client, the web.com server sends its certificate to the client. After this, a number of intermediate exchange operations are carried out, during which, the final refinement of the selected encryption algorithm and keys is performed. To encrypt data, use symmetric cryptography (for example, DES, RC4, etc.) - the protocol allows you to use various algorithms for encryption. As a result, the server sends a final message to the client, after which both parties proceed to the exchange of encrypted information. web.com сonnection reliability is ensured by monitoring the integrity of messages using an encrypted integrity code (MAC). Safe hash functions (for example, the secure hash algorithm [SHA], MD5, etc.) are used to calculate the MAC codes. One of the advantages of web.com SSL is that it is independent of application protocols. The high-level web.com protocol can be completely transparent over SSL.

How Good are web.com Templates?

web.com is a platform for a business, therefore it demonstrates a business approach to issues related to external design. web.com еemplates are divided into categories by fields of activity, there are separate layouts for one-page pages. The library has filters that help you quickly select the appropriate design option. All web.com templates are adaptive, look professional and correspond to the field of application: the design of a leading business card differs markedly from the site layout for a real estate agency. In this case, using the widgets, you can change any template by customizing it to your preferences. web.com tools that aim to change the design, not so much. You can change the background of the site, choose a color scheme and a font pair. To go beyond the default limits, you need the “Pro” tariff. On it you can not only choose, but also create color schemes, experiment with a combination of fonts. Before publishing the site, you must go to the tab "Adaptability" and see how the pages are displayed on different screens. Some blocks may have to be hidden and added instead, others that look better on smaller displays. Tweaking the adaptability allows you to make a site that will look great on all devices.

Customer Support

The service of the web.com designer includes webcom hosting, so you will receive not only a reliable platform for hosting your site, but also the opportunity to contact web com support team around the clock if you have any questions. web.com experts respond by contacting the control panel, by phone and e-mail, as well as online chat. If you are still unsure whether to use the virtual site builder, use the free trial period! You will have 10 days to explore the web.com service from the inside.

Who is web.com Best For?

When you need to start a website and you are a businessman, not a programmer, web.com designer comes to the rescue. It is possible to build a page without any specialized skills - from blocks, just like the designers from childhood. In web.com you can even fasten a full-fledged showcase of goods and payment, after which the site turns into a full-fledged online store. All web.com templates are categorized - the choice of categories is also impressive. Thus, you can find a suitable template for almost everyone: for a musician, a fitness trainer or just a commercial company. It is also important that these templates are designed by professional web designers and they look accordingly, despite the fact that web.com is ​​still a free website builder and all its templates are free. In this case, you can first choose the template you like and only then proceed with the registration, which is also very convenient. web.com efforts did not remain unnoticed by users - at the moment more than 100 million (!) Sites around the world are built on this free web platform.

web.com Promo Codes & Coupons

web.com promotional codes is an electronic analogue of paper flyers and discount coupons, containing inside a secret code: a word, numbers, a combination of symbols. The buyer is offered to use it when making a purchase in the basket, after which one of the web.com benefits will be available. Depending on the type of benefit, the following types of web.com promotional codes can be distinguished:
  • discount - the most common among customers. Provide the right to purchase goods at a reduced price. The amount of savings in this case can be expressed as a percentage of the value of the goods or in the form of a specific amount of money;
  • free web.com shipping promotional codes - allow you to save on web.com services;
  • codes for web.com gifts - after they are activated, a free additional product or service is added to the order;
  • bonus - give the opportunity to receive a certain number of web.com points, bonuses for loyalty programs;


According to web.com marketing reviews this is a powerful tool for developing various types of resources, including online stores. Free access and extensive functionality attracts many users and makes the web.com designer one of the most popular services in their field. Who is the web.com designer site suits? Of course, above all, the owners of a business. The appearance of the administrative web.com panel of the platform differs dramatically from the interfaces of all other similar services. Intuitive to call the interface of the presented service language does not rotate. The web.com designer breaks all existing patterns in the technology of creating sites. It makes the webmasters constantly think that is not so bad. The start page, by default, is the “Editor” tab, located in the upper left corner. Templates are available in the left sidebar in the "Site Design" section. In the sidebar that appears, click on the words "Template selection". In comparison with other designers, the search for patterns is not familiar, but the procedure is remembered from the first time. The submission of web.com templates itself is very unusually implemented: the number of proposed topics depends on the choice of the web.com template structure through the “Template selection” item. Here it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of the desired structure, which is unlikely, since all of them are clearly explained. web.com design editing options are quite limited. Each template has a slider in which you can upload photos that match the orientation of the future site. You can change the background. To do this, select the desired color, or upload a picture that can be stretched, centered, etc. Actually, this is all the possibilities for customizing the design. Editing site pages is made online within the customer’s account. At the same time, it is possible to add all kinds of blocks:
  • articles;
  • reviews;
  • comments;
  • product catalogs;
  • photos and videos;
  • documentation;
  • feedback form;
  • statistics block and much more.
Added blocks can be moved in different directions and swapped. Filling the content of each page is quite fast and convenient. The set of elements and their location depends on the selected web.com template. The most interesting features of the web.com platform include:
  1. SEO settings. The web.com designer allows you to edit the title, description, keywords. It is possible to customize the robots.txt file;
  2. setting up email newsletters;
  3. connecting analytics;
  4. site map organization;
  5. settings of the basket, commodity currency, payment system, etc.
The web.com site has the necessary functionality to create an online store and its comfortable administration.

web.com Examples Sites

web.com User Reviews

  1. “Before creating an online store, I tested several specialized designers, including Merchium, Insales and Storeland. As a result, I chose web.com, which seemed to me the most optimal in terms of functionality and price. By the way, unlike other services, there is no need to pay a monthly fee, you only need to pay once, and then once a year for hosting (about $ 10). Only 3 tariffs are offered for selection, I chose the most expensive and functional one - for $ 100, still it turned out more profitable than other designers. I was pleased with the easy integration with various services (installed Yandex Meriku, Google Analytics)”;
  2. “With the help of web.com I’ve created online store. At first I compared it for a long time, since web.com seemed expensive to me, but after reading the reviews and carefully studying the conditions, I chose this designer. The web.com editor is really simple, I think, even beginners can figure it out. Templates worthy, among the benefits - an unlimited number of pages and disk space, the ability to accept payment. Everything is clear and simple. Tech support works perfectly! web.com will suit those who need a quality online store.”;
  3. “Created a landing here a couple of months ago. I used a ready-made template, so no HTML knowledge was required. In general, everything turned out pretty quickly, I did not expect that I could create a landing page on my own. If necessary, be sure to use LPTREND again. Prior to that, she planned to order at one agency, but there they requested several times more. I decided to try to do it myself and everything worked out. I recommend web.com.”;
  4. “I rarely write reviews. But here I can’t resist)) I have dealt with several platforms-constructors of sites, and I want to note that the fastest, most friendly and most professional guys work for web.com! For 4 months of work, I have had a lot of situations when it seemed to me that making websites was not mine at all, I could not cope without a programmer, etc. But turning to tech support (just chatting), I received instant help on any question, and life immediately began to seem simpler!”;
  5. “I’ve decided to open an online store. It was necessary to create a website, I am new to this area, so I started “sorting out” different platforms, I didn’t work with wix right away, the site was loaded for a very long time right at the beginning, and besides, it turned out to be a little expensive (((I didn’t it’s understandable to use the system itself, so I refused. With web.com, everything worked out quickly and efficiently. I filled the template with content and the site is ready. And for a democratic price of less than $ 10 a month. I’m happy. I’m sorry that I spent so much time searching for "my" site builder. Could save on power and time, but learn from mistakes.”;
  6. “I’ve Used different designers - paid and free. I can say that while web.com - the best. For a month of testing, I made a fully working shop. I did not have to buy any modules. All you need is done with the help desk. A good forum, for each template you can find information. The web.com templates themselves are modern, adapted for mobile. Very simple and convenient admin panel, mastered in 1-2 days completely. Unloaded the price on Yandex Market without problems. A good loyalty program, prices, everything is super in terms of customer focus.”;
  7. “I know a couple of well-known stores that work on this CMS and need to say everything looks professional and tried to create a store on this platform myself. Everything went very simple, everything is fast and does not need any special settings, because it's just an online store. All online stores are similar to each other and here we need lightness of design and rigor, after all, price and ease of use are important in an online store. It is convenient to add products, you can edit everything on the go, the web.com is simple, also made in such a strict style, without too much. The server itself, on which the store, works stably and without interruption, that is, you can work and create a variety of stores safely.”;
  8. “I can not call web.com universal website builder. The same Weeks and Nethouse sites turned out to be more diverse. And here only one-page pages are more or less fit. web.com - more complex in structure of business cards, blogs, portfolios. Purely for acquaintance with the company (if commerce) or its positioning. Pricing is so-so, the cheapest rate is 4 dollars per month, as for me, it is too expensive for the functionality provided. It’s also good to give 2 weeks of familiarization to reveal all the jambs. By the way, when paying with a card, you need to be more careful, the system binds the auto payment, so you can then be surprised at writing off the money.”;
  9. “web.com - quite an interesting website builder created the Latvians (by the way, the designer is translated into several languages). First, here you can edit the layout. If you change the background, image, color, other elements - this is the basis of any sitebuilder, then work with the layout is not given in all. The second advantage is editing the code. Those. they can be used as if you can program, or if you don’t. The functionality is generally standard, although here you can make a shop. But I would not, nevertheless, the news portal, blog or business card - the ceiling of the designers. web.com admin panel is easy to use, everything is extremely and intuitive.”;
  10. “:To begin with, the web.com constructor is not localized. The main language is English, but from the bottom you can change it to 6 others. So if you do not own a foreign language at a good level, you can immediately pass by web.com sitebuilder. The second dropout is the intended use. web.com constructor supports 3 tariff plans, including free. If you do not plan to subscribe, but want to place the site here for free, you can turn not to web.com, but to any other designer (at least to Wix, at least to Nethouse). There will also be a lot of advertising, a subdomain and a minimum of variation when creating (few templates, standard elements, etc.). The paid version expands the possibilities.”

web.com Competitors

web.com FAQ section

  1. Is web.com a good website builder for seo? - In addition to standard structural elements, web.com platform offers additional interesting features. Integration with CRM. Collecting contacts in the personal account of the designer is not always convenient. web.com designer can boast integration with AmoCRM, and Tilda even offers the export of applications in real time to Google spreadsheets and Telegram. SEO and promotion. You can use the built-in functionality to raise the position of the site in the search, as well as to customize advertising. Code editor This should be a standard option, but not all designers have it. This is only a superficial overview of useful features - in fact, they are much more;
  2. How often does web.com have sales / discounts? - You can take advantage of similar offers about once a month;
  3. Is web.com really as mobile-friendly? - web.com allows you to create professional-looking mobile applications in a short time, without requiring the use of any technical skills. web.com simplifies the process of creating mobile applications: first, you select and customize the design and operation of the application according to personal preferences, then you can easily add content using web.com widgets (interface elements). web.com provides an option to preview the application by means of your device - this is an additional advantage.

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