Web Hosting Hub Review

→Last Updated: March 7th, 2014

web hosting hub review

Web Hosting Hub Overview

This Web Hosting Hub review is meant to inform you as to the amazing features that this platform has to offer. While some companies expect to remain small, other work very hard to grow and these expanding businesses require access to a larger demographic through the world wide web.

Stellar website design, reliable hosting and skilled web designers are some of the major necessities for growing your business on the internet by more expensive means. However, Web Hosting Hub offers all of these features at an amazingly low cost. Their web hosting has a more than reliable reputation with easily accessible and  very friendly customer service available whenever you need it.

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Web Hosting Hub Review: Content Section

Building your own website is easy with hundreds of templates to choose from. You don’t need any specialized computer knowledge to get off the ground. You can also get a domain name and hosting in the same place. When you are ready for a more sophisticated website, their designers offer to analyze your site for free. Web Hosting Hub is a place where budding businesses can start on a budget then grow as they become more profitable.

We cannot stress enough how much we were impressed by the Web Hosting Hub platform. Even though it did not take our top spot against Wix, it was really a very close call with little to no difference. In fact, there are quite a few areas where Web Hosting Hub even excelled beyond Wix.

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Web Hosting Hub Features

A Simple Website Builder

You don’t need to know coding or advanced computer languages to build a website in just minutes. There are hundreds of templates to customize according to your preferences. You just follow the prompts and work in the easy to understand control panel to create the ultimate website. They also offer WordPress hosting for dedicated bloggers and e-commerce features for online retailers.

Unlimited Space and Speed Using Web Hosting Hub Review

The word unlimited is very desirable when it comes to web building and hosting. Web Hosting Hub offers unlimited websites and email so your company can grow and thrive freely without worrying about web constraints. They also offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you can include a variety of interactive elements without feeling concerned about available space.

Web Hosting Hub Review Customer Service

When you own a website or multiple sites, there are times when you will need responsive customer service. From web building to hosting questions, Web Hosting Hub has a customer service team ready to answer your inquiries at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. They are based in the U.S. so their tech staff is knowledgeable and ready to communicate in a language you clearly understand. Struggling to carry on a conversation with a tech who has a different native language makes it harder to resolve your issues.


Everyone loves to get something for nothing. New users get a free domain name so they can get started immediately with web hosting plans as low at $4.95 per month. Web Hosting Hub offers free e-commerce tools so retailers can develop a professional and impressive online marketplace. They also offer customers free web stats and shared SSL.

 Web Hosting Hub Review

No downtime

If you already have a website, you can transfer it to Web Hosting Hub with no downtime. You get the benefit of superior web hosting without compromising your customers’ access to your site. Making a change should never mean losing customers along the way.

Comparison Table

If you are unsure about whether to choose Web Hosting Hub, they offer a handy table on their site comparing their features and offerings to the competition. In a single glance, you see how they stand up to their competitors without doing extensive research to find these important answers. Issues such as dedicated hosting and Linux versus Windows are explored.

Web Hosting Hub Reviews: Conclusions

Web Hosting Hub offers a superior website building service. Even novices can create a website in just minutes, making it possible to have an online presence right away. They offer an array of useful tools to create the type of site you want in the shortest possible time. Other benefits include low fees and unlimited transfers for people who already have websites. The 24/7 access to customer service that is located in the U.S. is unbeatable. Customers can have a wide range of questions answered anytime of the day or evening.

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Some online web owners want shell access, which might hold them back from using Web Hosting Hub. Otherwise, the service is affordable and accessible to many different types of businesses that need a website. Web Hosting Hub has been in business for more than nine years and offers an honest service for small and large companies. Their service makes it possible for small businesses to expand without concerns about bandwidth or obtaining additional sites. They also offer a web design service for advanced users who are looking for more. Overall, Web Hosting Hub is a full-service provider offering top-notch websites and outstanding hosting packages for competitive prices.