BigCommerce Review

→Last Updated: March 6th, 2014

The platform recently undergo a major rebranding, improved its functions and introduced many new ones. This is the only online market that directly integrates with Google Merchant Center, which helps users promoting their products in Google Shopping. BigCommerce has an amazing set of advanced sale functions and management tools designed to help start-ups and small businesses to compete at the highest levels. However, all this power is amazingly easy to use. Even a newbie on the network can run a full-fledged online store a few hours after making 9 simple steps.

Pros and Cons of BigCommerce

The main advantages
  • Free hosting and domain
  • Free and paid themes that are easy to set up.
  • Safe basket.
  • Integration with many payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and others.
  • Inventory management, delivery and return systems.
  • Multicurrency support.
  • Integration of dropshipping and warehouse.
  • Many marketing tools that sell on plenty of platforms, such as Facebook, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Pinterest, email provider integration, and more.
  • Each BigCommerce customer will receive AdWords credits to start advertising his/her store, as well as the ability to use the built-in social networking applications and receive email addresses of their customers.
  • Available in English only.
  • Difficult to customize template updates.

Main BigCommerce Features

  1. Opportunities of this service start with creating a website, because it allows making beautiful, functional projects, without web designer skills. In addition, it gives the opportunity to make and edit products without any problems and accept payments through a variety of systems.
  2. Individual delivery is mandatory for most suppliers, and BigCommerce has it all. A flexible tax system and dropshipping functions make this service even more attractive for users.
  3. With regard to inventory management, the user can assign various categories to their products and process all orders incoming.
  4. Thanks to integration with third-party suppliers such as ShipperHQ, each can even manage product search and tracking.
  5. Integrates with other applications and software that will facilitate the management of daily store operations. For example, this is Olark LiveChat, QuickBooks, Optimizely and many more.
  6. Offers access to Checkout SDK or library filled with JavaScript elements for verification. Sellers can customize every part of their checkout, from background images to the number of steps a customer needs to go through the process.
  7. Service has a sync cancellation feature that allows focusing on attracting customers to online shop. By doing this, each can increase loyal customer base and market for site instead of Amazon.
  8. The platform announced a new and improved delivery process for those who want to get more discounts and easier setup.
  9. The choice of themed templates and different styles that can be customized and drag them into blocks with content.
  10. Full-screen mode for viewing images, conversion tools, promotions, email and sms-notifications about orders.
  11. Among the options of the store there are such as a basket, showcase, description and comparison of products, accounting of goods in stock, their search and filtering, writing reviews and delivery.
  12. Function incomplete orders, which implies automatic letter sending to the buyer’s mail that the purchase is not completed.

BigCommerce Speed & Security

In general, security is one of the strengths of BigCommerce. All sites hosted on this service are 1 PCI certified compliant, so customers do not need to worry about their personal and financial information. The infrastructure of the company is also protected by an enterprise-class network architecture. With this platform, each can use an SSL certificate, or buy his/her own. Speed ​​is very important in the modern competitive world of e-commerce, it's nice to see that BigCommerce is now definitely the most effective e-commerce platform in this regard. There are several reasons for this. First, platform has Google AMP. This is an open source platform from Google, which stands for accelerated mobile pages. This increases the speed of loading pages and increases the visibility of the search engine on the mobile product and category pages. It also has the system called Akamai Image Manager. All BigCommerce users have direct access to the image manager, which automatically optimizes all images on the site.

Templates and design

BigCommerce website themed store has both free and paid options for different budgets. Free themes are among the highest quality ones and they are not difficult to customize. Most of the paid Bigcommerce themes are responsive, stylish and easy to use. In general, user have to spend more than $ 150 or $ 200 for high quality themes. It is worth noting that all themes are optimized for mobile devices and are equipped with a variety of settings for the color scheme of the site, font selection, adding logo, icon, etc. There are features for quick viewing of the product, mega menu, excellent product carousel and the ability to create wish lists.

Most Common BigCommerce templates

  • Adaptability. Special design themes, created for the perfect display of the site on screens of all sizes and devices.
  • Cross-browser compatibility. Themes work well and are displayed in all browsers. This saves user from testing the site in several browsers.
  • Retina-readiness. Each piece of the site will look great on the screens of new generation devices.
  • SEO. Provides the best promotion in search engines.
  • Integration and compatibility with page width slider to display recent product updates and offers.
  • Simple theme style editor.
  • Advanced search will provide buyers with easy and quick access to the right products.
  • Widgets social networks. Social networks are one of the best ways to attract an audience. Add social network widgets to online store website and attract more and more new customers.
  • Advertising banners. They attract the attention of potential buyers to specific product categories or specific products.
  • Google AMP makes pages with categories and products more accessible to mobile users.
  • Mega-menu. Fully editable item that can speed up site navigation.
  • Full-format carousel on the main page for advertising new products and offers.
  • Layouts of card blocks on the main page that display sales and offers.
  • Special sections for similar and popular products.
  • A section for the blog. Necessary component of each site. A blog helps a business to get closer to the audience. Regularly add posts to the blog and this will help the site to advance in search results.

Customer Support

BigCommerce support is another area that is important to provide users with everything they need. The admin control panel provides easy access to support portal, a variety of online tutorials, and hands-on videos. The user will have access to his own consultant, round-the-clock chat, email and phone BigCommerce help support in the USA.

SEO & Marketing

SEO is another important option for BigCommerce, as its unique content delivery network loads the pages of any site much faster than its competitors. It improves the user experience and visibility by search engines. BigCommerce comes with advanced SEO features to drive traffic to the store. To begin with, each can change the name and description of the product, optimize the product images and enter keywords specific to each product. Each one can also take advantage of the opportunity to sort out the goods on the largest product comparison mechanisms, such as Nextag, PriceGrabber, and others. In addition, BigCommerce has its own content delivery network to optimize store load times. Other features that help search engine rankings include mobile optimization, site HTTPS, automatic Sitemaps, microdata, and more. In addition, users can integrate with Google Shopping to capture all those customers who have gone this route. The platform offers a number of marketing functions: promotions and coupons, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and multi-channel marketing. The user can also consider the possibility of implementing Mailchimp for e-marketing, since BigCommerce has an application to do this.

Tariff Plans

BigCommerce website offers 4 tariff plans. Standard plan is $ 29.95 a month and includes the some features:
  • Unlimited products.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Availability of multiple sales channels.
  • Ability to accept different credit cards and PayPal.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Live agent support 24/7.
This plan is best for businesses that earn up to $ 50,000 per year. Plan Plus is designed for $ 79.95 per month and is intended for firms that earn up to $ 150,000 per year. It has Bigcommerce features included in the standard plan and the following ones:
  • Real-time delivery.
  • Save cart requests.
  • Extended customer segmentation.
Plan Pro has all features of Plan Plus and is suitable for businesses that earn up to $ 400,000/year. Its price is $ 245.95 with access to Google Reviews and in-store search filter function. Corporate plan is recommended for large enterprises and brands. This plan comes with a dedicated SSL certificate and IP address, as well as priority support.

BigCommerce payments

BigCommerce uses 60 payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay and others. Users can collect offline payments, process them in different currencies and set shipping rates. Transaction fees are not charged if to use one of the leading payment gateways. BigCommerce also offers special rates for PayPal Braintree credit cards, although a starting rate of 2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction does not seem competitive.

BigCommerce Promo Codes & Coupons

BigCommerce ecommerce presents many great deals. Promotional codes allow selling products more active on the e-commerce website, providing customers with discounts on certain products. The discount associated with the code can withdraw money from individual products or the entire order. The discount can be in percent or a certain amount in dollars. Promotional codes also provide customers with free shipping or gift wrapping. This marketing strategy gives customers another reason to buy products.


The main goal of BigCommerce is to provide the tools necessary to accelerate the business. It is highly convertible and has impressive features. This platform is popular for its wide range of e-commerce tools. BigCommerce provides users with all the necessary tools from the very first day of using the platform, since the cost of using them is included in the monthly cost of portal using. The service allows creating various promotions and coupons to increase sales, conducting sales in third-party markets directly from the BigCommerce store. The knowledge base and training videos will help beginners to master the principles of the program. The system is focused on the business segment of users. The main audience are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and individual entrepreneurs developing in the sphere of trade and services. Thanks to the HTML editor, the platform will be of interest to webmasters, programmers and everyone who has knowledge in this area. Moreover, BigCommerce will be just the right thing for bloggers and freelancers.

BigCommerce User Reviews

  1. I created with their help many landing pages and a couple of online stores. Although Im a new in this field, but I managed to mastered this resource quite quickly, there are training videos and background information for beginners. In addition, I’m pleased with the possibility of creating advertising banners and discount coupons. In general, I was managed to build a wholesales system only with the help of this designer. Cool! I am pleased.
  2. I started using BigCommerce for my company's website a few years ago, and I am very pleased with it. But I would like it to be a bit more customizable. However, this platform turned out to be easier to use than Shopify. Because of Shopify’s nightmarish experience, I had to close the site. Finally, I closed Shopify and returned to BigCommerce. Their team quickly gave my customer service, unlike Shopify, and it renewed my store. I don’t think I’m going to go to anybody else.
  3. Every time I applied for help in BigCommerce, I was got help on the highest level thanks to polite consultants. If the person with whom I first spoke did not know the solution, then he gave me the one who did. I have a small business, but BigCommerce works as if I had a Fortune 500 company!
  4. I think BigCommerce is a great place to put my business. I have been using it for over 6 years now. I am very pleased with the help I receive when I apply for a help. However, I think it is mainly suitable for retail clothing. I sell books, and I would like more flexibility with the type of coupons and discounts I can offer, especially when some of my clients are schools, libraries, and the general public. Overall, I am very pleased with this service!
  5. Bigcommerce is the best e-commerce store I've come across. I had to use online chat many times when I set up my store. This feature is amazing, they always helped me. Highly recommend Big Commerce.

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