Church Websites

Church Websites
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Top 5 church websites


Yes, you’ve heard it right. Best church websites are going to be the topic of today's article. Churches also have got their audience and the main goal of such websites is to attract as more of them as possible. One of the main advantages of such websites is its simplicity in creation, usage, and further promotion. In some cases, church website builder won’t need any of your technical skill or previous experience in a web programming which is definitely a huge plus. All you need is to select the best website builder of the list we’re going to propose you and decide which of them will meet your higher expectations the most.


The main reasons for building a website is a possibility to communicate with a community and attracting new members throughout a content, history of religion and its main dogmas. One of the main times when church website is highly important is at the very beginning. 


Let’s take a look at interesting facts, more than 70% of potential visitors will take a look at your church website before visiting it. Surely, making the right impression is the main task of such. Today website builder proposes a wide variety of options without having enormous budgets and skills. Surely, it is what attracts the most. Many of them are really cheap and will help to build a functional and attractive website in a limited amount of time and affordable monthly payment.


Our article will give you the understanding of how the best church website builder works, what's their monthly plans, advantages, and disadvantages along with strongest sides are. We made a really thorough research and here’s the list of website builder you might choose for your existing needs.


Here’s the list of our church website builder and their comparison.


  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly 
  • Sharefaith 
  • Ministry Designs


The first one we’re going to start is Wix website builder. It counts to be as one of the best for different purposes and for building a website for your church as well.


Wix church website builder


One of the main Wix advantages is its simplicity in usage and creation. It is clearly understandable for almost every user with every level of technical skills. Wix is a perfect compilation of astonishing designs and creative templates.

 Wix is a highly popular and recommended tool for creation of websites for different purposes. These might be business goals like setting up eCommerce online stores, creating blogs for artists, etc. Wix has millions of published websites on its platform and more than millions of subscribers. Also, it has an implemented drag and drop system which is more than easier to use. All you need is to drag an appropriate element and drop it at the place needed. You can add literally everything you want to your content like music, videos, articles, etc. 

Unfortunately, Wix is not a specialized church website builder but it definitely has some usable church templates. Also, you can post different religion articles, videos related to this topic, blog posts and even sermons!

What is good, Wix has a free plan to use but if you want to use your free domain it is better to subscribe to its Combo plan which will cost you $11 monthly, an Upgraded plan is $14 a month which is still not bad but include much more options to use.

Wix has many different church templates with a possibility of customization which is very convenient.  There are some minor cons that won’t let you change your templates since your website has ben published. Also, it has much less storage than its direct competitors. 


Squarespace for building a church website


Squarespace is widely known for its astonishing designs. Surely, it is a leader in this field without any doubts. It has hundreds of wonderful templates that will be suitable for churches and won’t need any customization. Quality is an indisputable advantage of a Squarespace. Moreover, it has a wide range of various features that will make your site stand from the crowd. 

Probably, Squarespace won’t be so user-friendly as Wix but it won’t ask you for a deep knowledge for programming. In some cases, it will take a bit more of your personal time.

The price is also a bit higher than its competitors have which might be considered as disadvantages. The standard plan starts with a $12 a month. However, $18 monthly plan will let you collect the donations for your church.

On the other hand, Squarespace doesn’t have specially customized templates for your church but you can go to Community and Non-profit templates and choose the appropriate one. Squarespace has dozens of implemented features. In the end, you’ll definitely get a sophisticated and creative website for your audience and community.




Weebly is a perfect solution for your church website. It has a built-in drag and drop system which makes it very convenient for newcomers. It won’t be a problem even for beginners. It has a pretty big AppStore with different plugins and a variety of monthly plans to deal with. 

Weebly church website builder has al of the features to provide you with the highest scalability ever. It has dozens of templates that are structured in more than 50 areas which are very convenient for users.

Weebly’s one of the main advantages is a possibility to cancel your choice or change templates after the publications of your church website. The second advantage is access to a free monthly plan which is really good. 

On the other hand, Weebly proposes less space for creativity than Wix. It has structured templates that like no invasion so it might be annoying for those who like creativity. Another inconvenient thing is the absence of a search option which makes it tough to find the appropriate template for your church. However, there is a quite limited choice so it won’t be a problem. 

Hopefully, there’s an option of previewing your theme before publishing it and change it in case it won’t fit you.

Weebly church website builder has a free plan and four other paid plans from $12 to $38 monthly. However, the most convenient for churches will be a $12 plan because it gives you an opportunity for an advertisement removal from your website.

To sum up, Weebly will be very convenient for beginners because it has a drag and drop editor that helps you to simplify the process of creation. On the other hand, it won’t give you an opportunity for creativity because of limited and boring templates.


Sharefaith church website builder


Finally, we reached the specifically created online platform for churches called Sharefaith. More than 9000 churches have created their own websites using Sharefaith tools. Let’s start with advantages, Sharefaith has hundreds of templates created especially for churches that don’t need additional customization. All you need to do is to select one which will fit your community and goals the most. As for design, it is quite pleasant and good but it can’t be compared to Squarespace for sure.

It has many implemented features that will help you to share your sermons, add photos and videos, create blog posts along with drag and drop editor.

Surely, like every other software, it has its own pros and cons. Let’s continue with its disadvantages. Sharefaith has quite an impressive pricing for its users. Their Web and Media package will cost you $45 monthly which is quite valuable. This package will give you an option of free hosting, possibility to switch templates, adding donations to your platform. However, such a function is available within other platforms like Weebly and Squarespace.

To sum up, Sharefaith has a very convenient option to create a wonderful church website. It has a wide variety of templates that were designed especially for churches and its community. As for disadvantages, Sharefaith is pretty high at price. Also, it might not be convenient for the beginners so it might take a lot more time to create exactly what you want. So it might be called not so user-friendly. However, there are many specially created tutorials and videos for interested users.

Ministry Designs for building a church website builder


Ministry Designs is the leader in an area of building a specialized website for the church community. It has a wide range of specialized features to help your website stand out from the crowd. However, they are quite standard. These include creating blog posts, adding videos as a background to your website, podcasts, etc.

On the other hand, there is a very inconvenient function that won't allow you to change your website except for its preview until you become an official subscriber of it. Also, there are not so many extraordinary functions to discuss. However, there will be enough to create a stable and good website for your church. 

As for its pros, this platform has a wide range of stylish templates designed especially to create a wonderful website for your church. It is quite easy to customize your website using a drag and drop editor. It is also a very convenient function of adding a donation option. Along with that, there is a possibility to collect sermons to your storage and upload to your website with a further possibility of downloading.

To sum up, let’s discuss the disadvantages of Ministry Designs. Surely, it is a price. It won’t be suitable for small churches with a small budget. To create your personal website you’ll need to pay a whole $1,000 with one payment and pay $20 monthly for other expenses. The best way is to look at their demo and decide whether it is suitable for you and your budget.


The bottom line for best church website builders


To sum up, platforms for building a church website is a perfect choice. On the other hand, there are literally a huge variety of options. Therefore, it is extremely important to make your own research and define which online-platform will fit you the most. There is plenty of niche and specially created website builders to create the best website ever. The goal of our article was to give you the list of such and give you a space to decide which is the best for your needs.


To start with, Wix is probably one of the best website builders to reach the highest goals. It is extremely popular within a different segment of customers globally. It has a very convenient drag and drops editor and many other features to promote your website. It is very simple and convenient even for beginners which is very cool. They can use its Artificial Design Editor that will ease the process of website creation.


Squarespace church website builder is a lot more complicated than Wix but it definitely has much more sophisticated design and templates for your church. Also, it has a special area for non-profit organizations. However, it might be quite hard for customizing their templates because of the options proposed by this software.


Ministry Designs is one of the leaders in creating a specialized website for your church community. It offers various templates that need no additional customization. It has a pretty high level of mobile compatibility. This platform offers you unlimited storage where you can upload all of your sermons and share it with your audience. Also, there is very reliable and 24\7 working customer support for your church which is very cool!


Weebly is highly recommended by many pastors around the globe. It has many successfully implemented project with churches websites. There are a lot of very convenient functions to use. It has a mobile-friendly template. Also, there are free plans and some low-cost templates. It provides you with options of customizing your chosen templates. Simplicity is also an advantage of Weebly which makes it comfortable to use even for beginners with no skills at all. You can add your blog posts, videos, music and other content to your web pages.


Sharefaith church website builder is a specially created platform for building a website for your community without huge efforts. It has all of the functions needed. However, it has some disadvantages as high monthly pricing which costs $ 50. On the other hand, the best way to know its worthiness is to use it on your own and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.


FAQ section


Which website builder is the easiest to use?


Probably, each of the listed website builders is very convenient in usage. However, some of them might not be suitable for an average customer as a Squarespace. It might be a little bit complicated for those who don't have a technical background. Wix is one of the best church website builders for beginners. Weebly might be chosen as an alternative.


Which website builder is best for small budgets?


Weebly is also a leader in the creation of a perfect website for your church. It will cost you only a $5 monthly. Along with that, it offers you 5 different plans to use different options. So it will be the most appropriate solution for your needs. Good thing is that Weebly does have a free plan as most of the website platforms listed in our article to use it and decide which one will fit you the most.

Also, Wix is a perfect combination of tools to create the best website ever. However, it won’t let you change your templates since the website is published. You’ll need to republish a web page.


Which is better – a general builder or a church specific builder?


It depends on your goals. Many of the listed church specific builders have the same functionality and options that general website builder does have. It has an implemented drag and drops editor, SEO features for further promotion, and many others that will let you to add a record of sermons to unlimited storage, music, videos for background and other for the creation of wonderful content.


How should I choose the best domain for my church website?


We can define a parallel with a company choosing a name. It is definitely an important process. It must fit the name of your church so it will be memorable and easy to understand. Also, it must be short and simple. For sure, you must avoid all the unnecessary numbers and signs. Try to use the keywords.


Will I need to find hosting for my church website?


Many of the proposed website builders have a possibility of publishing your website on their hostings. Some of them propose it for free, some of them are not. Also, hosting is included in all website builders for churches that are in our list so there should be no worries at all on how to find your personal hosting and how to pay for it. Mostly, the price is included in monthly packages. So all of the expansions and additional costs will be held by the best church website builder depending on what you will choose. Wishing you all of the best and may God stay with you all the time!


Other websit builders: