Using Wix to Build a Website

→Last Updated: September 8th, 2016

Build A WebsiteIf you are hoping to build a website where you can express yourself freely, then you may want to start by checking out free site builders over the Internet. Like your own room, your blog or personal site can be your happy place online. This can be your safe place on the Internet, where you can convey your thoughts and show your personality. This can be an exhilarating experience.

Establishing your online site can be tough at first, but it can be really exciting. You’ll have the opportunity to customize your page would look like and list down your concepts, ideas and purpose. You’ll get to imagine your target market. This is quite overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you can’t coordinate your thoughts well. You’ll end up throwing everything out and start from scratch.

Imagine how hard it is to establish a website from scratch. Without the proper tools and software, you’re lock in a dead end. Fortunately, there are resources online you can use in order to develop a social community with only basic programming and web development knowledge. These site builders allow you to customize the layout, add various contents and design your personal online space for free.

Build a Website for Free

One of the leading DIY platforms when it comes to building sites is Wix. If you want to build a website and customize its layout, Wix can help you do that. In the past, Wix used to be a flash website builder; but now, they operate with mobile functionality and SEO features. Developers had to keep up with the competition so they reboot everything to HTML5/Javascript.

To continue their services, Wix earns profit from premium upgrades allowing Wix basic users to connect their website to their preferred domain names. Upgrading to premium can maximize their website potentials of attracting clients and followers.

Build a Website Easily

In the past, creating the perfect website layout can be very complex. Considering the right palette for a certain concept is critical. Only professionals can perfect such tasks. The user-friendly environment of the website allows for beginners and amateurs to work on their website and still come up with a decent layout. They also have helpful guides that come in handy when you’re having difficulty understanding the interface.

Wix also offers entertaining design elements such as template options. These free templates are categorized depending on industry and purpose. So you won’t have to start from scratch, there are ready-made layouts that cater photographers, tattoo designers, fitness trainers and online gamers.

These free templates are made in high definition so users can really use them instead of creating one. Once you have chosen your template, you can just choose the color palette and start customizing the fonts, headers, buttons and other design elements.

Build a Website with HTML5/Javascript Platform Builder

Wix allows HTML5/Javacrip platform. It has an excellent user interface. Wix had perfected the drag and drop function. Snap to grid makes it possible for users to align overlapping items properly. It also enables items to give way once text enlarges upon hovering your mouse in selected items.

What makes Wix stand out is its new Javascript platform, which is very different from what traditional web builders are using. This offers mobile functionality for the website. Only the desired content is displayed when loading a page. It appears as a huge drop-down menu, where you can close content without reloading the page.

Now, you’re ready to post viral content. With the help of SEO experts, the website builder introduces the SEO feature. You can add site titles or headers for your website to improve your online visibility. You also have the opportunity to promote your website via site description. You will also be able to save your keyword and tags lists. This can greatly improve your web presence.

Edge out your competitors by offering a professional website for greater online presence. Take advantage of the various offerings these website builder has to offer. Don’t lose the opportunity to stand out. Establish a sophisticated website without compromising its content. Match your excellent ideas with an attractive look and feel. With the helpful solutions provided by Wix, you can build a website hassle-free.