Tips for Choosing the Best Website Builder for Greater Online Visibility

→Last Updated: September 8th, 2016

Best Website Builder

The Preliminary Task of Finding the Best Website Builder


Before knowing what the best website builder is, one should learn the importance of a website. A website is a marketplace in the online world where products and services can be displayed and where business owners and marketers can communicate with their potential and existing clients.


A website should be easy to navigate; professional looking yet not boring to the eyes, should have elements compatible with the different browsers that clients use, informative, and reliable in providing a secure transaction. In case it makes use of mailing lists, it should not be a venue for sending spam mails, which clients hate most.


The Essence of the Best Website Builder


Making one’s very own marketplace on the internet from scratch requires knowledge on HTML and CSS. The HTML (HyperText Markup Language) document consists of text-based instructions which web browser interpret. Along with other elements, the HTML document is considered the bone of the website. On the other hand, the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is also interpreted by the web browser on how to structure the HTML document and the elements of the website. These terms are very broad and complicated for someone who does not have technical knowledge. Thus, manually making a website will be crossed of a beginner’s list.


Knowing that coding is complicated for many online users who want to set up their website, there are technologies that spare one from the tortures of manually doing everything. A website builder is the tool that can be utilized in order to create one’s website without having to code anything based on his choice but still end up with a quality website that can generate the desired traffic.


What is the Best Website Builder?


The finest website builder will vary from one online user to another, as this population has a variety of needs and desires. However, there are elements that one should not forget when using the builder to create his site. He can choose from paid or free plans offered by this online service. Free plans are good for beginners but as soon as one needs a greater deal of support and assurance on the quality of his website such as stable hosting and extensive bandwidth, he should upgrade to a paid plan.

One should be keen on the several elements that affect the quality of the resulting website created through online services and tools.


First, the website builder should cater different levels of users who want to set up their website. It should be easy to manage and follow not only for beginners but also for more experienced ones. The instructions should be easy to understand. It is also important that the builder offer a wide range of templates. Templates are pre-formatted samples that one can edit to his desire. A website builder must have templates for business owners who want to market their products and for individuals who want to display their works. For intermediate to advance website creators, this online service should allow highly customizable features such as starting from scratch and choosing every element in the website.


One should have his eyes on the capability of the builder to produce quality websites as well. While the quality of the result will primarily depend on the choices of the creator of the website, the guidance of the website builder will greatly affect it too. Some website builders offer assessments on the website created so that the user will know where his shortcomings are. The best website builder should also offer guidance on optimizing their resulting site for search engines. The website creators can then edit it for a better version. Although some plans are free, website builders should not offer any less for those users who settle for this plan. They should still provide a good level of reliability with their free plans.


The compatibility of the website builder with different browsers should be taken into account. If it is not compatible with most, if not all, browsers then what good will it do. One should ensure that the elements, templates, and plug-ins are accessible to different browsers, especially with the most used ones.


The best website builder takes some time and effort to find considering the vastness and rigidness of the online platform but once it is found, it will be a good investment of resources—whether these are cash, time, and effort.