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Why do you need the best website builder? At, we know that building your own website can be an ordeal, but we're here to help! From the years of experience we have creating and designing websites, we have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and information on how to build websites and we are more than happy to share as much as possible with our fellow developers. If you would like to learn more about who we are, check out the About Us section. If you're looking for a wix coupon code click the link and follow the instructions.

Best Website Builders

Rank   Price Overall Templates Ease of Use Features E-commerce
1 Top Website Builder Reviews Wix Review
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Free Account A+ 1000+ 97% 92% 87%
2 Top Website Builder Reviews Web Hosting Hub Review
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$4.95/mo A 500+ 85% 95% 91%
3 Top Website Builder Reviews Review
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Free Trial A 9500+ 89% 89% 94%
4 Top Website Builder Reviews IM Creator Review
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Free Account A- 80% 94% 90% 80%
5 Top Website Builder Reviews Shopify Review
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Free Trial A- 1,000+ 93% 92% 99%
6 Top Website Builder Reviews Ukit Review
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Free Trial A- 100+ 92% 80% 80%
7 Top Website Builder Reviews Volusion Review
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Free Trial A- 100+ 92% 80% 80%
8 Top Website Builder Reviews Weebly Review
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Free Trial B+ 80+ 83% 84% 79%
9 Top Website Builder Reviews BigCommerce Review
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Free Account B+ 200+ 91% 80% 80%
10 Top Website Builder Reviews Yola Review
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$9.95/mo B 4000+ 88% 74% 77%
Best Home Website Builder Service - Wix
Best Commercial Website Builder Service - Shopify

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Wix Review

With more and more consumers turning to computers and search engines to find products and services, most companies have seen the need for websites. Fortunately, there are other options for the budget-challenged company or individual in need of Internet exposure. The demand for websites has led to the rise of companies providing software and direction for individuals and companies to build their own sites. One of these companies is Wix.

Web Hosting Hub Review

Some companies expect to remain small while others are working to grow. These expanding businesses need access to stellar website design, reliable hosting and skilled web designers when the time comes to grow. From budget web design to a full-fledged customized site, customers get it all at Web Hosting Hub. Their web hosting has a reliable reputation with accessible and understanding customer service available whenever you need it.

Shopify Review

It can be be intimidating and confusing for the average person to design his or her own ecommerce store. When designing a store that thousands of your customers will see, it's important for the website builder storefront to be as clean, neat, and professional looking as possible, no matter what product you are planning to sell.

Website Builder Articles

Best Website Builder

Before knowing what the best website builder is, one should learn the importance of a website. A website is a marketplace in the online world where products and services can be displayed and where business owners and marketers can communicate with their potential and existing clients. A website should be easy to navigate; professional looking yet not boring to the eyes, should have elements compatible with the different browsers that clients use, informative, and reliable in providing a secure transaction. In case it makes use of mailing lists, it should not be a venue for sending spam mails, which clients hate most.

How To Create A Free Website

Back in the days when noisy modems connect the world, the Internet is a haven for text editors and WYSIWIG applications which help teach you how to create a free website. These simple sites store information, which show how useful the Internet has become. It has become an information superhighway and serves as the main repository for all there is in the world. Self-expression and business production is limitless. Now, more than ever, creating excellent websites is very much possible. This is due to with speed and wealth of resources previously undreamed of. You can ensure you’re always up to date and you won’t get left behind. A website is more than just your face to the world. It is the hub for your connectivity; a beacon for opportunities.

Build A Website

If you are hoping to build a website where you can express yourself freely, then you may want to start by checking out free site builders over the Internet. Like your own room, your blog or personal site can be your happy place online. This can be your safe place on the Internet, where you can convey your thoughts and show your personality. This can be an exhilarating experience. Establishing your online site can be tough at first, but it can be really exciting. You’ll have the opportunity to customize your page would look like and list down your concepts, ideas and purpose. You’ll get to imagine your target market. This is quite overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you can’t coordinate your thoughts well. You’ll end up throwing everything out and start from scratch.

uKit is the perfect solution for people who want to create a modern business site on their own. It is suitable for entrepreneurs of different levels who have no experience in web development and do not want to pay huge money to web studios. The system is simple and flexible; it does 70% of all the work by itself. At the same time, it is also suitable for creating an online store.


The manufacturer assures that users can create a website in just 1-2 hours and it's really true. uKit offers a wide range of templates for any subject that simplifies the creating. They are all stylish and versatile. The process of customization of the site is very simple and intuitive. The builder offers to choose a set of colors and suggests design options according to them. A client can add any number of pages and use built-in functions, for example, download a section with reviews, a gallery, a store's product, etc.

Website builder users can buy a domain there or attach an existing one. uKit also offers services for optimization (SEO) and promotion. The platform gives the opportunity to customize the site for any screen size.


Many customers complain about the limitations of the platform. For example, a color palette can’t be more than 4 colors and only a few text fonts are available. Also, a user must independently configure a mobile version of his site.


After registration, a person receives a 15-day trial for learning the system. Further, uKit suggests 4 paid service packages: Premium ($5/month), Premium + ($10/month), Store ($12/month), and Pro ($15/month). Each of them has different services and is suitable for specific purposes.

Wix is a builder with over 100 million users worldwide. The platform suggests using templates or creating a unique design by yourself. It is suitable for creating small websites, blogs, and forums, online stores.


This website builder software has many built-in features and apps. Perhaps this is the largest platform of its kind. At the same time, the interface is very friendly. The unique feature of this service is the Wix Code, a unique tool that has no analogs on the market. This allows creating, simplifying or improving site details based on ready-made elements. In case of a question or problem, a person can contact the support team, which is always available.

Many Wix customers claim that the platform has the most convenient environment for SEO. The possibilities are the same as everywhere else, but the interface is much clearer.


The main drawback is the slow operation of the service. Wix is a huge builder, and not every computer can provide fast work of its functionality. It should also be borne in mind that the prices for these features are much higher than in the case of other platforms.


Wix offers four packages with capabilities for different purposes. Connect domain (5.95$/month) is the cheapest, which allows connecting a domain. Many users choose Combo ($10.95/month), Unlimited ($15.95/month) or eCommerce ($19.90/month).

WIX promotions

Webhostinghub is American hosting, which began its work in 2010. It provides simple and affordable web hosting plans with domains and applications for website design and promotion. Webhostinghub Premium Website Builder is a complete multi-functional tool that helps to create a stylish website.


Three tariff plans allow you to create a site for different purposes. Webhostinghub gives you everything you need to build a personal blog as well as a giant high traffic forum. Its main advantage is the provision of the high speed of site operation. The support team is available 24/7 and is ready to explain any issue to users. It should be borne in mind that one plan purchased allows creating an unlimited number of sites and databases.


The developer offers the simplest site building features. This is done to achieve a maximum speed of operation. Despite its relatively long lifespan, the platform is known only in the US mainly.


The main goal of Webhostinghub is to provide favorable prices to any user. Spark ($3.99/month) includes all the necessary services for blogs and newbies. NITRO ($5.99/month) is for large traffic volumes, and Dynamo ($7.99/month) is for giant online stores and forums. This is 2-3 times less than other platforms ask for similar services. is a fully paid builder with a focus on online shops of both physical and digital products. Hosting, domain registration and SEO environment are also available. The ability to insert HTML code makes the platform attractive also to freelancers and webmasters.


This website builder is convenient because it has more than 300 templates of different styles and themes. This facilitates the user's work and makes it possible to immediately present the final version. The elements in the editor are managed using Drag-and-Drop, which speeds up the building. The functionality of the system includes built-in spell checker, unlimited storage space, analytics tools, daily site backup, technical support 24/7. also offers everything you need to create a store. Use your social media newsletter and SEO tools for more traffic.


It is difficult to find flaws as the system works perfectly. The only drawback is the lack of a trial period for testing the platform. Only the creation of the site is free, but then you have to pay for the search engines to see it.

Pricing requests $2.95/month for its services. Also, the client can make the payment after seeing the final version of the site.

IM Creator helps to create a simple blog, portfolio or small website. In addition, its services are absolutely free for students, artists or those who conduct non-commercial activities. Overall, this website builder creates a positive first impression. However, many clients get disappointed with a little functionality during further work.


The interface is simple and minimalistic. IM Creator has over 70 stunning and professional website designs to choose. After selecting a template, you can automatically see how your site appears on both mobile devices and desktops. In addition to the free builder, the platform provides free hosting to non-profits. The support team is friendly and responds within 12 hours.


A small functionality limits the imagination of users. The same goes for SEO tools. The platform allows inserting one title, one meta description and only one set of keywords for the entire site. Also, IM Creator doesn’t have the HTML and CSS site editing function. The lack of site analytics and integration with social networks is a real disappointment.


As it was mentioned above, IM Creator provides free premium services to non-profits. All other customers must pay $8/month.

Shopify is a builder for creating online stores of varying degrees of complexity. This is a self-sufficient system that can easily create a hypermarket. It is suitable for both novice and advanced users. The platform is very popular in the USA, Canada, and European countries.


The platform has standard functionality including store of paid and free applications. Shopify provides everything you need to build a store and has the capabilities of a specialized CMS. In spite of this, it doesn’t feel complicated; the interface is friendly and intuitive. Shopify has everything you need to successfully promote your store:

  • cool built-in statistics;
  • the ability to connect external services to collect data;
  • SEO features;
  • a lot of marketing applications.

Customers can purchase a domain (from $14/year for .com) on the site or add an existing one.


Unlike other builders, Shopify has a small range of templates and almost all of them are paid. Free ones look easier and less impressive. Customization options for templates differ depending on the format and set of sections. Also, it should be taken into account that Shopify is a huge constructor, which costs accordingly. The disadvantage is that it also requires a transaction fee.


Shop builders always cost a lot and Shopify is considered one of the most expensive. Basic Shopify package costs $312/year + 2% commission; Shopify is $852/year + 1% commission; Advanced Shopify ($3192/year) + 0,5% commission.

Volusion is one of the leading platforms for creating online stores, and all thanks to an outstanding technical support system. Account specialists help to customize the site exactly as it’s needed. The focus is also on eCommerce.


The site builder offers more than 300 online shopping templates of different styles and directions. Add-ons and multimedia help to customize the site but don’t expect something incredible. Volusion has a minimum set of features but it's enough. Anything related to the commercial side of the website (for example, adding new products) can be done very simply and quickly. Local customer support is always ready to help and explain the cause of the problem.


Some users complain about the little functionality of the editor. It is worth noting that some of the important features that other builders have are missing here. Volusion also has a very high cost for its services.


When choosing a paid package for an online store, a person should focus on its size. Volusion offers:

  • PERSONAL ($29/month) with the ability to place 100 items;
  • PROFESSIONAL ($79/month) with 5000 products;
  • BUSINESS ($299/month) with no restrictions.

It’s a very affordable and easy-to-use website builder, perfect for a personal project, blog or portfolio. An extensive set of tools with a focus on eCommerce helps customers create successful sites and stores.


Weebly offers a set of ready-made templates for Business, Portfolio, Personal, Event and Blog categories, which covers a significant part of the potential requirements of a user. The editor interface is very simple, and the drag-and-drop system allows quickly setting a site up. It has a very wide range of possibilities for creators that will truly reflect you, your product or your service.

SEO support and analytics are offered in all Weebly paid plans. The mobile app allows customizing projects anywhere. The local help center is a large library divided into thematic sections, where everyone can find the answer to the question. Users can contact the support team using email and live chat. Prices are also quite attractive.


It is known that Weebly is not available in some countries. In addition, the platform is so large that not every computer can provide high operational speed.


The platform offers a trial period for testing. The user creates a site only with the Weebly subdomain, which is common among website makers. Starter package costs $8/month and allows placing up to 10 products with a 3% fee for each sale. Pro costs $12/month with up to 25 items. Business costs $25/month and adds user registration.

Over 95,000 sites use BigCommerce to sell products and process payments online. At the beginning of 2016, the builder underwent incredibly radical changes including new interface design and many new features to users. It should be noted that it’s a direct competitor of Shopify in the market.


The platform has an intuitive interface. Thematic templates and different styles can be used to customize the look of a site. The knowledge base and training videos help beginners to master the principles of the program. The service allows using the WordPress blog and place links and “Buy” buttons in it. Sales on eBay auction and on Facebook pages are possible. An HTML editor is also available. Apps Marketplace offers additional functionality of BigCommerce. The support team is friendly and will resolve any issues.


Despite the fact that this website maker offers a very extensive range of services, its prices are the highest in the market.


Standard package costs $29.95/month + transaction fee. Plus costs $79.95/month without commissions. Pro package has a more complex system. Its minimum cost is $249.95/month for those who have $400k in online sales. Each additional $200k cost from $150/month. BigCommerce also offers a special plan for enterprises that costs much more (from $900 to $1,500 per month) and means VIP cooperation with the platform.

Yola entered the market in 2007. It’s a builder available in 6 languages. It is focused on creating blogs and small sites. Friendly interface allows even beginners who do not have programming skills to quickly understand the details and get to work.


The first thing a client can do is to choose a template according to his goal. The pages are created in the visual editor, where you can change the background, font, and images, as well as use widgets, video, audio and Google maps. The presence of an empty template and HTML editor allows creating completely unique projects. One of the main advantages of the platform is eCommerce based on the Ecwid basket, which allows trading with both electronic and physical goods.

Usually, website builders don’t have telephone customer support, but Yola offers the opportunity to contact by phone. Unfortunately, live-chat is available only to those users who have bought one of the packages.


Trial period is limited to 3 pages. Less than 10 templates are in free mode and you need to pay for decent design. Yola offers some pretty powerful SEO features, but these optimization tools are only available to Gold users.


In general, Yola prices are comparatively lower than those of other popular website builders. It has four packages: Free, Bronze (6,95$/month), Silver (14,95$/month), и Gold (29,95$/month).

What is a website builder?

In short, website builders are a universal opportunity that helps to save money on web designers, but also to create a unique project that fully meets your requirements. It is synonymous with creative freedom as the best website builders have a huge range of features and applications. At the same time, the platforms are quite simple for non-professional web designers. Basically, they are equipped with a drag-and-drop system.

Using the platform to build a website, you get not only a convenient editor and application database but also a hosting and support team that is ready to explain any issue. Do not think that such services are suitable only for small projects. Modern website builders are useful for any business. Most of them specialize in creating giant online stores.

Website builders vs. hiring a web developer?

Well, let's be honest, website builders win. It is much cheaper and allows controlling the process from start to finish. A good webmaster asks from $2000 for a site of average complexity. At the same time, these are not final expenses as additional improvements, tech support, hosting, etc. may be required. Many website creation services can provide a full package of services for just $20 per month.

Website builders for Who?

For anyone who has a business, product, service or wants to share his talent with the world. Newbies often turn to builders instead of web designers to save money. Thus, this method is ideal for startups. More experienced users use them to conveniently manage their site. In short, a list of people who may need a website builder software:

  • artists, musicians, photographers;
  • freelancers and web designers;
  • bloggers and journalists;
  • shop owners who want to enter the international market;
  • small businesses.

And this is not a complete list, as everyone may need a website.

How do you choose the best website builder?

The best way is to try each platform and monitor sites after launch. However, it is pointless and time-consuming. You can choose the best website builder from the first attempt, just do the following steps.

1.    First of all, you need to decide on a budget and find a websitebuilder with a paid package of services that matches your criteria. There is a need to be realistic because high quality can’t be cheap.

2.    After choosing several options, check out the website builder reviews of each. A developer will never tell about the shortcomings of his service; however, users can and love to do this. It is best to ask those you know personally.

3.    Once the website builder is selected, it’s the time for registration. However, don’t pay immediately. Many services offer a trial period for testing. Take advantage of it!

4.    Check out the templates, all features, applications, and even fonts of the platform. A good builder shows its potential during the first 15 minutes of work. In case of dissatisfaction, return to step 1 or 2.

After all steps are completed, you can be sure that you have chosen a good site.

A few handy tips for finding the best website builder

As it was mentioned above, the main things are to understand what you want and how much money you are ready to give. Next, you must rely on your feelings. However, there are a few tricks to help quickly determine the best website builder.

It must be understood that low price never means high quality. Focus on average costs.

Customer support is the face of every platform. Good website builders hire or train professionals who respond as soon as possible as it’s promised on the site. Lack of politeness or experience is a sign of poor quality.

During the trial period, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the number of features but also to the quality of operation. Customization should be quick and easy.

An important point for those who already have a purchased domain. Check the ability to add a third-party domain immediately after registration.

The best option for your industry

Almost all top website builders are universal, but even they are oriented to specific goals. There are also special platforms that are useful only in a particular case. Here is a small navigator to find the right site.

The best website builder for small business

uKit offers the most ideal environment for creating a small or medium website up to 50 pages. The range of templates and built-in functions are enough to get an attractive design. Prices match the quality.

Those who want a more functional website should try Wix. It offers a lot of paid and free features to create an interesting project. Opportunities for top-level SEO optimization are available.

The best blogging system

If you're going to blog as a hobby, but not a way to earn money, IM Creator is a great option. The platform is completely free for non-profits. The functionality is not as impressive as in other places, but this is enough to create a blog.

Weebly is another builder that has special thematic templates for blogs that look stylish. The editor's interface is user-friendly. This website creator has average prices and the cheap package is enough to blog.

The best website builder for photographer

You must choose a simple website builder with the gallery function. Almost every platform offers this, but pay attention to Wix. Local photography and design templates look stylish and minimalist.

The best eCommerce website builder

It is necessary to focus on the size of the store and the number of items. Shopify or BigCommerce is great for big projects. These are the two main competitors in this area, which provide equally high-quality services. It is worth noting that Shopify is more favorable, despite the transaction fee, than BigCommerce, which has special conditions and prices for giant stores.

Volusion is great for a small or medium online store. User can select PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL packages for this purpose. Yola is also a great platform for selling physical and virtual goods. It offers very competitive prices.

The best professional website builder

Shopify is a great website creator that has many features. A professional user will be satisfied with all the capabilities of the platform, its interface and SEO tools. Wix is also a good builder with interesting functionality. Its library of paid and free applications is impressive.

The best mobile website builder

Try Weebly mobile application to create a website anywhere where internet connection is available. It is suitable for any purpose, from blogs to stores. It offers a clear and multi-functional interface. SEO tools and analytics are also available. The prices are average on the market.

The best drag-and-drop website builder

Almost all of the above platforms use drag-and-drop for faster work with the system. However, there are leaders who ideally use this function along with the interface to achieve the most comfortable environment.

uKit is a worthy service that offers a set of essential functions and an editor with a drag-and-drop system. This is the easiest website builder that promises to create a website in 1-2 hours. also has a drag-and-drop feature and provides an extensive assortment of tools. The absence of a trial period is offset by reasonable prices.


Can I build my first website alone?

A website builder is an excellent tool for those who do not have programming knowledge. The editor interface is completely intuitive. Do not be afraid of a large number of functions as the platforms always indicate how to use them. The best way to create an attractive website is to use only the most necessary tools. Many users claim that it took them 30-60 minutes to explore all the opportunities of the site.

What drag-and-drop is?

This system is used in editors of builders to speed up and facilitate the creation of the site. This is a very convenient feature that allows taking the necessary object from the menu bar and drag it to the work area. Almost all website builders have it.

How much does the creation of a site from start to finish cost?

It depends on what you want to get. For example, if you want to create a small website for any purpose, you can spend no more than $100, taking into account the cost of a domain. However, this is only if you are a creative person and are ready to do everything by yourself. Larger projects, especially stores, are much more expensive.

Is it necessary to prepare a mobile version of the site?

Consumers who use mobile browsers are one of the main target audiences of any project. Are you ready to give up potential customers? Of course not, so the mobile version of the website is just as important as the one for laptops. The site should look attractive on any screen size. Fortunately, most builders offer site customization for smartphones and tablets.

Where is best to buy a domain?

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a domain on the website builder or on another hosting platform. Basically, users are price-oriented and purchase where it is profitable.